Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our First!

 Steve and I took our first hunting trip together.  Steve has hunted several times, and as a tease, I asked him to take me on my first hunting trip.
So he did and we arrived to our chosen camping site to more snow than we were expecting.
 We weren’t deterred.  We set up camp and started a fire, because a fire always brightens a chilly situation.  Unfortunately, that fire did not help us any in our “summer” tent with no heat.  I can honestly say, it was the coldest night I have ever had.  I kept thinking “I can do this.  Bear would be proud of us.” (Bear - from Man Verses Wild).  

 All night we heard snowing hitting our tent and wondered what the morning would bring.  
 Well, it brought more beautiful snow.  But I didn’t care.  I was hoping that our hunt for elk would go well.  

 So off we set. 

We didn’t get an elk this trip, but I was still thankful to the LORD for this special “1st” for Steve and I.  We enjoyed our time together and look forward to learning to hunt together in the future.  I am also grateful because the LORD always provides for us and that is something to always remember.


  1. What gorgeous photos! I'm glad that you had the time together.

  2. I love looking at all your pictures and hearing about your family. I follow your blog from the Dallas area. thank you for sharing.


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