Monday, August 30, 2010

My Love Letter

Hey Momma,
I just wanted to write to you, I know you’ve been worried with me living so far away. I wish I could see you, Momma, I miss you. I miss getting your hugs and kisses every morning, I miss hearing you laugh at me when I did something crazy, I miss seeing you smile when I brought you something I made.
I want you to know I’ve been trying, Momma, to be the best I can be out on my own now. I know you were scared, not knowing if all those years of work would stick and I would grow up ok. But I sure have been trying, Momma, I just want to make you proud. All those days that I was mad about having to do chores, well now I just do them because I want to. I cleaned my whole apartment yesterday Momma, just the way you showed me when we cleaned the house. I scrubbed the bathroom, and made sure to get behind the faucet, I vacuumed, and made sure to start at the back of the room to not leave footprints on the clean area. I washed the mirrors, just how you taught me, and I promise I didn’t leave any streaks. I took my bucket of water and scrubbed the floors, just how you always told me to, cause its better then using a mop, I remembered you saying that. I folded and put up all my laundry, I promise its not just thrown in my closet. All those years paid off, Momma, I know I fussed and complained, but you taught me the value of a clean house, and now I try my hardest to do just as you showed me.
I’m doing good in school, Momma, I’ve got all A’s, and a few B’s, but I’m trying. Its not as easy as when I had you there teaching me, helping me through all the things I didn’t understand. School was so much fun with you, teaching and showing me so many exciting things. I’m gonna graduate soon, Momma, I’m almost finished, but I couldn’t have done it without you. I also remember all those things you taught me about being a gentlemen, how to open a door for a lady, and how much a girl enjoys some pretty flowers. I’ve been doing all this, Momma, just the way you told me I should.
I’m getting married, Momma. I asked her last night. She’s incredible, and so sweet, I know you love her. Well she said yes, Momma, I guess she sees something in me that makes her want to stick around, even when I don’t see it. She loves Jesus, Momma, and is sweet and caring, she looks after me and loves me, even when I mess up. She’s the one you always prayed for, Momma, the one you hoped would come around and stick by me. I couldn’t do this without you, Momma, all the things you showed and taught me about how to be a Godly man, I’m trying to remember all of them. You don’t need to worry, I’m being good and stayin of trouble, I promise. I love you Momma, always have and always will. Thank you, thank you for raising me the right way, loving me enough to spank me when I needed it, not spoiling me, teaching me what hard work and responsibility means. I have to go Momma, I’m picking up my bride to be, were spending the day together. I love you Momma,
Your son,

I know how much Moms worry when their babies moved away, wondering if they raised them right. But I know of one that did it right, and still does it right. My momma. Dont worry, moms, you did good. 



    Hugs to you and blessings,

  2. Someday, a letter like yours will be from my little princes. Thanks for blessing me today and sharing God's goodness and faithfulness with all of us.

    happy day,

  3. How sweet!!!! What a great kid you raised!!! and a great friend you are too!

  4. is several weeks since I have seen your blog and I have just read the letter from your son about his engagement! It brought tears to my blessed to be seeing the results of your parenting!!
    My daughter got engaged last week, but sadly, she is not following her commitment to Christ. However, I am very happy with the choice of her man and am trusting that they will eventually walk in the way God intended them to.
    My email is

  5. Oh my! What a great letter. Definitely teary-eyed here!


  6. Oh my goodness gracious.....sooooooooo sweet :) What a tender-hearted warrior you have raised, friend.

  7. Oh my goodness...that is so touching.

  8. So precious! Got to give them a big hug at church. They were glowing!

  9. Wow- what a beautiful letter! Could you have him talk to ALL of our older children!! I mean they a wonderful but they can't clean like that and I don't think they would ever write me a letter!

    Awesome job Shonni! It must have brought tears to your eyes and gratitude in your heart to the Lord!!

  10. Oh my this letter made me cry. What an amazing man you raised, you did a great job Shonni, aren't all the sacrifices we make for our children worth it when we get a letter like this??

  11. Made me cry big tears! Praise God for you MOMMA!

  12. Wow...that had to put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye and pride in your heart! Job well done, Momma! sounds like you are gaining another daughter!!!

    Love and blessings,

  13. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Blessings to you!

  14. Your child has just 'risen up and called you blessed.' What else could a Mom want?

    Congratulations to your son and new daughter in law to be!

    Well done.


  15. oh my heart! how beautiful! Thank you for sharing this :) witnessing the fruit of a mother's labor is a precious thing! Congratulations on your new daughter-in-love too!

  16. This is just beautiful - you've done a wonderful job.
    Thanks for sharing & congratulations to Jace on his engagement
    Renata :)


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