Monday, August 23, 2010

The Question I Dreaded (Hi Amy, Anita and Jodi)

See, I would rather show you this... happy campers...

...not this...

...unorganized garage and laundry..


...delightful, helpful daughters...

...not this...

...LOTS of dirty smoky coats.

...a serene, peaceful mountain photo...

...not this...
...overflowing LAUNDRY...

This is nice, don’t you think?

But, not this...

...yes, MORE laundry.

I will leave you with a “happy” picture!
I know that you are wondering, what does all this have to do with my title....”The Question I Dreaded."  I’ve been avoiding it, but I did promise that I would answer any “Ask Away...Children’s Education” questions. 

Here’s a hint from these three precious blog friends questions....

Amy said...

Well, honestly- I could use ANY help and don't even know what to ask because - I am THAT lost. LOL But I am going to try it anyway- gotta start somewhere right? Right now, just trying to figure out what I do with the little ones while working with the big ones? How do you manage to get all of the housework done AND the school work? Any tips on that? :) THANKS!
A. Gillispie said...

Yay! Second year homeschooler here, and we haven't found our perfect groove yet. My biggest issue at the moment is how to manage teaching time with my big ones (3rd and 4th grade) with my little ones (3 and going on 5)? It's complicated because I work from home (at least 6-8 hours a day). Not sure how to meet everybody's needs, so if you have any advise, I'm all ears!


Jodi said...

Shonni -Amazing!! 17 years - you must have begun homeschooling when you were 5! :)
How do you balance everything! :) With the possibility of jumping into HS my middle schooler, I am very nervous - any tips to keep him focused and interested in learning, would be great!! :)

Did you see the common thread?  The question that I have dreaded is “How do I do it all?"
So, as I was thinking about my Home Education Pillars (see here and here for pillars I and II), I knew that Pillar III is Structure!  Amy, Anita and Jodi brought up some very important things to consider in Home Educating our children!  How do we, as home makers and mothers get the house work done and the school work; how do we still give time to our little children and how can we organize their time so that we can home school the older ones; how do we meet the needs of our families and can we balance everything? 
Now, the reason I have dreaded the “How do I do it all question” is that I don’t want anyone to think that I have all the answers  - I don’t.  And each of us is different, with differing strengths and differing weaknesses.  What works for one doesn’t work for another. Believe me, I have tried to “do it” like others because it was working for them, and it didn’t for me, because my personality just couldn’t “do it” that way.  
However, I hope that my many years of mistakes and successes can help each of us find the structure that works for US in our families as we minister to them each day.
So, I promise, I will answer this question, but no kidding, I HAVE GOT to go start some laundry.  So be lookin’ back here tomorrow!


  1. Love you and your post!!! True honest!

  2. Good luck with that laundry pile! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts - as many ask me the same question. What do you do with your little ones while you school?

    Love you,

  3. So glad to know I am not the only imperfect home schooling mommy. YEAH! Can't wait to hear your answer :)

  4. As someone considering homeschooling for my family (oldest starts kindergarten next year), I'm anxious to glean thoughts from how you make it work!
    And I'm pretty impressed with that pile of laundry. Hopefully it the size of it represents A LOT of fun!

  5. Can't wait to read it Shonni!! :D xx

  6. Well it is reassuring that we all are "in process" trying to figure this out! The other day I had just the 2 middle girls for an hour- it was easier and we had fun but that is not my reality or my future so I'm looking forward to your answer!!

  7. ah. getting it all done.
    the dreaded unattainable!!! but we do try, don't we????


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