Thursday, August 26, 2010

Being Real - Home Education

I know that I said I would write more about Home Education Pillar III - Structure, however, I also like to write my post as they apply to my real days.  So, I’m going to move on to my Home Education Pillar IV - Trust.  
Like the picture above, I feel that I am walking across a bridge with holes in it.  Let me explain - I need to spend more time with my pre-schoolers.  So, I am trying to find a “curriculum” to help me structure more time with my little ones.  Then I have my 1st, 2nd and 3d grade darlin’s, each with different strengths and I would love to find a school plan that works for me to homeschool them all together.  Also, considering 12 year old Caresse and what she needs, and 17 year old Kalyn and her last few years of home education.  
Ohhh MY!  AND,  I have been sick every since Tuesday and instead of having special time to plan, I keep finding myself unsure, and fluttering around.  I honestly feel like a butterfly who is testing a zillion different flowers, but can’t find just the right one.  See, even my post is “fluttery”...structure, trust, bridges with holes, butterflies and flowers.  Are you completely lost?  I am!  The truth is I have home schooled for 16 years; I know what is out there, yet tonight I have spent 3 days and am still “unsure” about what my next school year needs to look like for at least 7 children, ages 6-17! 
So, where do you go when you get stuck?  
Because I have home schooled for so long, I have learned a very important truth that supports my home education, and that is why I call it my Pillar IV - TRUST.  I have really learned that I must trust the LORD to lead me in my decisions for the children’s education.  And in all this time, I can see that HE HAS FAITHFULLY LED ME.  Now if I where feeling better, I would look up the Bible Scriptures that completely support this truth, however, I am sitting in a hotel room, sick, with a wiggly 18 month old, and Steve wont be back till later....
So, sorry, no scriptures, just encouragement from one mother to another....He has always led me.  So even thought I don’t know what our next year is going to look like yet, I know that HE will show me when HE is ready.  Does that mean the last few days where wasted?  Not at all.  He knows my heart and He know that I am searching for HIS Home Education Plan for our, I just have to wait. 
Any suggestions while I wait?


  1. Shonni,

    So sorry to hear you still don't feel well. Have you checked out my homeschool blog lately. I have encouragement and many other ideas for your ages - because I'm doing exactly what you are hoping to do this year. One curriculm for all.

    Hugs and much love,

  2. So sorry you are feeling poorly! I have enjoyed reading your homeschooling posts b/c homeschooling is so near and dear to my heart!

  3. I MISS you so much, my friend. I love your heart--toward God and toward your precious children.

  4. Praying that God would fill you with peace in your decisions for this year!! Thank-you for the reminder to trust... even though our year is planned out now, I know there are always "curve balls" around the corner!

  5. I'm having the same trouble with my 22 month old. I feel like I spend the morning trying to corral her, but not really spending quality time. I have wonderful preschool learning activities, like you mentioned previously, for my 4 yr old, but 2 is a tough age. I've been doing FIAR with my 4 yr old, but not strictly- not necessarily 5 days in a row. My 7 yr old often joins us when we do FIAR. Most of my attention during the school day goes to the 7, 9, and 11 yr olds since they are the ones "doing school". Of course, with Sonlight my 4 yr old gets to listen in and participate to a limited extent. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


  6. I hope you feel better soon. I've been homeschooling for 11 years, I think we both know there is no one magic curriculum...but, last year I had great success homeschooling 5 kids using Sonlight for History & Lit. I used 2 diff cores- one for the two oldest, who did their work almost all independently and then the 3 youngest together in one core. We are using Math u See, which doesn't take any prep time from me.

    sending you thoughts of grace and peace,
    p.s. love the name of your blog!


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