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My Motivation-2nd of 7 Home Education Pillars and Jean’s Question

"What ought to motivate us to direct our children to open the pages of history, to observe the wonders of nature, to admire a painting, to appreciate a piece of music, to learn by heart the words of a hymn or a poem?”
Jesus’ words “Feed my lambs.” (K. Andreola)

In this post, I briefly talked about the seven pillars that Wisdom build for her house.  I became thoughtful of what my seven pillars are for my home education. I talked about Pillar I in that post, and I will talk about Pillar II in this one - MOTIVATION. 
I have always been motivated by the ideas of feeding my children nutritionally healthy foods for both their bodies, minds and spirit.  
So, in thinking of home education, I don’t want to feed my children “junk food”. 
As Karen Andreola says so well, “Curious children will learn for the sake of knowing, for the sake of growing. Feed your children well and they will grow in wisdom and favor with God and man.”

I was asking the LORD for a little motivation for me also this week as I have felt tired, overwhelmed, and then a little one broke my camera lens last night (I cried), and well...a little “poor me” party was happening.  
The LORD lovingly showed me this verse; “See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the LORD.” Colossians 4:17. 
This ministry of mine is from HIM!!! What is that ministry? Specific to this day, the ministry I needed encouragement to “fulfill” is the ministry of educating my children.  I needed to be remembered of my “work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope" in my Lord Jesus Christ.  (I Thess. 1:3).

Also, as I consider the education of my children I always want to be thoughtful of what motivates them!! What are the passions and natural learning strengths of the children, what’s just fun, how can I get us outdoors more, and keep our environment exciting?  Is there something I can do to make math a little less painful for this child, or bring in a few more learning games that they enjoy? 

Jean had a really great question I think falls perfectly in with this subject; so here is her note....

Jean said...
It is very helpful and I love all the sites you gave us- bookmarked everyone of them!!

My other question is this- Have you adopted any of your children at an older age? I know you have you new little 6 yr old coming from China.

I am finding it to be so different to educate our older adopted children because they need to start at the beginning- pre-k and move forward plus learn a new language. Each child is different and goes at a different pace. My natural desire is to hop into academics- that is where I am most comfortable BUT that is not their need- I need to be patient and walk this road with Jesus- it is challenging.

What are you thoughts on this topic?

As we consider how to motivate our children, one of the most important questions that we must ask is “what is their NEED”.   I have not adopted an older school age child, so Asher will be our first, however, I have educated a few children with “special needs”.  And I say that loosely, not because they didn’t/don’t have a special NEED, but, that doesn’t define the goal...teaching my children to love the LORD Wholeheartedly (Pillar I) and teaching them to enjoy learning within their God-given strengths at their present age and/or abilities are my beginning priorities.

It seems easier for me to write as if this is a note....
“Dear Jean,
It may be difficult to educate an older adopted child because of the need to learn and re-learn some things.  On the other hand, what a God given opportunity to have the freedom to educate your child at home where you can start her/him where they need to start; being aware that in all honesty, their number one need is not academics, but to become comfortable in a new culture, with a new language, and learning for the joy of learning, not because it is required!!!  Also, as they begin to enjoy learning, what JOY you will receive in the relationship that you and your child are building together.  So don’t worry about academics (for now), but make learning fun, connect with your child, be WITH him/her where they are at, and gently lead them.  Is there something that this child really likes?  Asher really likes puzzles, so I will be thinking of all kinds of ways to use puzzles to interact with and teach him.  Does your child really like animals?  You could build or find a unit study using animals as the foundation for learning.  Your child will “catch up” to where the LORD wants them to be.  It is a very exciting journey you are on Jean.  I am praying for you!”

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  1. Oh My thank you!! I have tears in my eyes as I write this! You have no idea how much I need these gentle encouraging words!

    I am blessed with these wonderful children and have been wondering what to do?? Wanting to HS them and yet toying with the idea of sending them- BUT that is not what they need.

    Hubby and I just talked and together we feel they need to know family, love and Jesus they don't need to know ip*d, H*nnah whoever, etc- at least not yet!

    He asked me what I was thinking about HS- and I said one day at a time and giving it to the Lord!

    I have connected with other HS but few are in my unique situation. I even asked the local HS group to consider us a charity case and allow us to go on field trips with them. Our children are not ready for HS co op group. Honestly, I'm not sure when or if we will ever be...

    There is no one in my community like us...

    Your blog title made me smile and your response brought me such JOY (and tears of joy)!!

    Thank you, thank you!

    If possible I would love to connect again with regards to learning disabilities/special needs- such beautiful gifts from God that go at a different pace!


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