Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pillar V - Home Education

This pillar of my Home Education is easy!  Make it FUN.  
I can’t always make every subject fun, but there are so many ways to enjoy our school time.  So here goes with some of our favorites!

My children absolutely are addicted to these trivia games.  You can find the Professor Noggin’s card games here and BrainBox games here.  By the way the above links take you to 2 of my favorite places to find fun things for the children.  I make wish list and then pass them out to our families for birthdays and Christmas.  I would rather the children have one good toy that they will really enjoy than a dozen that are cheap and thrown away within a few weeks. 

GAMES, GAMES AND MORE GAMES.  The children love fun games, so I keep my eyes open for anything fun that also has teaching or strategy value.
Here are five favorites:
2.  Set - One of Kalyn’s favorites
3.  Blokus
5.  Mexican Train Dominoes or just dominoes or cards
Enjoy nature walks as often as you can!  We will take a favorite book, or nature journals and pencils along.  The children always enjoy these times!!

Take advantage of the unexpected.  When we were camping this last month, we found an unexpected mine that the owner (above) loved to talk about.  He made his presentation so interested and then afterwards we bought rocks.  I wasn’t expecting this learning opportunity, however, it came, I seized it and the children loved it.  

Now, I want to hear how you make teaching fun?  What are some of your favorite family games? Share, share!!! And have fun!!


  1. Great ideas!! Where were you camping, looks so beautiful!!

  2. What a great reminder Shonni to have fun!! I forget that sometimes as I am trying to cross off things on my list!

    We are at such an odd place right now- with our 2 girls just learning english oh so slowly and Sarah ready for more and me in the adoption process again ;-) I feel like it is one day at a time and completely trusting God!!

  3. I don't do a good enough job of this. My 4 yr old LOVES FIAR and reading lessons- probably because I spend so much more time with the big kids during the day that he relishes the attention. But, my older kids, especially my 11 yr old have a greater workload. I added the brainbox to my cart in Amazon and will be saving up for the Professor Noggin card games. Thank you for the good ideas!


  4. what is the game that's in the picture? the one on the wooden box with the stones?

  5. I'll try to pop in later with more FUN ideas. But, one I thought of right off the top ... Sequence States & Capitols. (We just found that Sequence last year to add to the other 2 Sequence games.)

    We just got back last night from a 6 week ... 9,000 mile ... Field Trip. Yep! It was AMAZING! It was FILLED with planned and unplanned educational opportunities.

    Have your kids ever done the Junior Ranger programs at the National Parks? Wow! We just discovered them, and we did 8 or 9 of them on our trip. Our kids learned so much, and had FUN doing them.


    Laurel :)


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