Friday, September 10, 2010

Goin’ On A Date (And Chris...Wait For It - LOL)

Kalyn helped me clean out my “baby” for a date.  This date is even better because I get to spend it with my real Love, Steve and baby Keshawn.  We are meeting my parents and my bother and sister-in-law (Kim and Karla) at Durango.  My parents celebrated 50 years of marriage 2 years ago, however, because of the surgeries that mom has had on her leg we have put off our (Kim, Karla, Steve and me (or I?  what is the correct grammar here? Sorry!)) gift to them.  Our gift was a rented house in the beautiful mountains of Colorado for a week of play with us.  Ha-I especially like the “us” part.  My parents are awesome; they have always said that their favorite people to go on vacations and play with is their children.  
So, of course, I wanted my baby nice and clean for the “date”.  Thanks Kalyn for helping me!

Speaking of Kalyn - she picked on poor innocent Kiana, and it ended in a water fight  - would have to know Kiana to know that she was no where near innocent!  She mercilessly teased Kalyn, and well, Kalyn got her!

AnnnnyWhoooo (I have wanted to say that, because, well, it sound funny to me)...would ya’ll please be praying for Corbin.  He had a sonogram on his kidney’s today.  He has had problems with “holding it” and we are trying to find out what is going on.  
Also, please pray for Kalyn and the children next week while we are gone.  We have a lot of friends near by to watch and help out, however, we are praying that the children have a great and restful week together!!!

Oh, and Chris, the name of the game is Brainstonz by McWiz.  It is simple and fun.  


  1. Have a blast! Praying for you and your parents!

    praying for your children while you are away!

    much love and hugs,

  2. Sounds like a wonderful getaway! Have fun and relax and laugh a lot :) Praying for all of you and the kids at home. xo

  3. I hope you do have a wonderful time!
    Praying for you all


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