Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Makes Me Smile

(Picture by Kalyn)
Sara wrote a cute post about the smile of her little guy and asked us to share what makes us smile.
This picture of Aiden actually makes me laugh.  It so captures his silliness, and honestly, no one can be around this child for long without realizing that he LIVES BIG and loves even bigger.  
So, share with us what makes you smile!!


  1. Love it and his precious gift he brought to you!

    Love you Shonni!

    You make me smile :-)


  2. What makes me smile these days is seeing my terminally ill mother-in-law watch her final football season with her son in our home as she lives her final days with us feeling loved and safe as we prepare her to go meet our Maker. It is a bittersweet smile, but a smile!

    Seeing my newly adopted 7 year old son seek me out for snuggle time makes my heart smile wider!!!

    BTW: Got your comment on my post about Leaving for Gio. We are home and waiting to get our cupcake Gracie. I just made my blog public again and I think for some it is showing my last post before going private for some reason. I am no longer posting to Gio's blog but I am posting adoption news on Gracies. Maybe we will travel at the same time? January we are hoping.

  3. Love that face!!!! Soo sweet! Your family makes me smile!!! And listening to my 16 year old organize a Christian movie night at our house - and his devotional at the end!

  4. Well your pics made me smile!

    The children- they make me smile endlessly!

    the thought of getting a very large passenger van for the children that are home and those that will be coming home makes me smile!

    Watching God at work in our everyday life makes me smile big time!! he never ceases to amaze me!

    Love this post!

  5. Love the great pictures!!

    It seems as though most of us loose our goofy grins as we get older, or at least don't see them as much.

    Too bad, sure makes life sweeter seeing them.

    Delighting in Him

  6. What a gift (him and his lovely handful of flowers).

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  7. Being with my precious family and thinking of going to China for our precious son.

    BTW, Sally, we are hoping for January, too!

  8. Oh friend, His smile is contagious! Can you see me grinning from ear to ear? And i thought I would let you know, we jumped into a bit of Sonlight this year and loving it.

    happy day,

  9. Oh gracious love it! That smile is too much!!

  10. Your post and your photos made m smile!
    Family time makes me smile, any time my sweet newly adopted, very special needs baby Daniel does anything that appears to be purposeful...tracking my voice with his blind eyes, letting loose with a huge roar of a laugh at "Something" going on in his head, phone calls from my grown children who live many many miles away..oh LOTS makes me smile! NEW FRIENDS make me smile!

  11. Well, I can see why that makes you smile. How adorable is he??? What a handsome guy! My kids in jammies smelling like baby lotion makes me smile. Lying down with Jake at night while he rubs my ears and sings me Chinese songs always makes me smile. AND, thank you Jesus that after 14 years of wedded bliss, my wonderful hubby makes me smile an awful lot!

  12. Definitely my kids & hubby - also the thought of a trip up to Qld in October to see my parents & family!!


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