Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Continue - Where’s My Passion?????!!!!!!!!

Thank you for waiting for the rest of my story.  I really did have to go this morning to take care of the children, but it was delightful of you to play along.
I felt that the LORD had spoke two little words to me a few days earlier - “Be Faithful”.  It had settled into my spirit and then this morning I opened up my O. Chambers devotion.  
“After every time of exaltation we are brought down with a sudden rush into things as they are where it is neither beautiful not poetic nor thrilling.  The height of the mountain top is measured by the drab drudgery of the valley; but it is in the valley that we have to live for the glory of God.  We SEE His glory on the mount, but we never LIVE for His glory there.  It is in the sphere of humiliation that we find our true worth to God, that is where our faithfulness is revealed.”
The devotion continues....
“When you were on the mount, you could believe anything, but what about the time when you were up against facts in the valley?  The last time you were on the mount with God, you saw that all power in heaven and in earth belonged to Jesus - will you be skeptical now in the valley of humiliation?”
There were so many “wows” in this for me.  And I asked myself if my faithfulness to the LORD was being revealed today by our circumstances?  It’s so true that there are “highs” on the mountain tops of emotions, passions and experiences.  I knew that the LORD was showing me how to live each day, right now when the passion of emotions isn’t present.  Simply be faithful.  Faithful to each thing that comes up each moment (don’t look at the whole day because that starts getting overwhelming).  Faithful to clean the dishes, fix supper, keep to our home school schedule, remember as I look at my child that “love is patient and kind...”.  
Simply be faithful in the work that the LORD has given me to do.  And I also realized something important to me...those “passions" that I believe the LORD has given to me are still there.  Now, though, instead of relying on the emotions of them,  I have the opportunity to show God through my actions how much I love Him, and believe and trust Him, and how much I want to BE faithful here in the valley - faithfully working this field that He has given to me today.  
(Ideas and thoughts in this study came from Mark 9, Eph. 2:10, Matt. 9:36-38).
So I encourage you each also, to walk in faithfulness to the TRUTH that we know from the Scripture and the teachings of the Holy Spirit.  And may we find encouragement in the fact that our Heavenly Father is FAITHFUL always - and may we, like little children, follow our Father’s example.  


  1. Oh what an excellent and timely word for me today!
    Thank you.
    May I be faithful!!

  2. Such a good word. Thank you for sharing. I needed it today :o)

  3. OH with Bryson's upcoming surgery, I needed to hear these words. Thanks for sharing your passion for Christ, His word and your life!!!

  4. I haven't read part 1 BUT I read part 2!

    Oh my I have been in the valley- He was with me! He brought us out but only when we gave him complete control- we stopped thinking we could help ourselves. We humbled ourselves and God was glorified!
    We are so thankful for his continued love- he never gave up on us!


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