Monday, October 31, 2011

He Missed Me....

But I am trying to make up to him and to my other precious darlings.  They had very little “active” parenting this weekend.  Our videos were their “best friends” for two days.  Us adults (and some great helpers), worked long and hard part of Friday, and all of Saturday and Sunday on our kitchen remodel job.  My parents are so creative and such hard workers.  We could have never done this work without them.  What a  wonderful gift for our family.  Our formica was pretty much shot, so we are so thankful for our new tile counters and back splash.
 Mom, Kalyn and Caresse are almost on the home stretch...counters being grouted!!! And, dog gone it, now that I see the above picture, I sure wish I had of cleaned the side of the stove before they put it back...oh well, that will just be between you and me, O.K.? 

Something almost as awesome as having our TA is happening, I think, tomorrow!!  I’m excited, nervous, and...
well, I’ll have to tell you more tomorrow.  Those little darlings that have been missing me are asking for attention and food.  Not necessarily in that order.  


  1. Hi Shonni
    Looks amazing!! You guys have done a fantastic job there! You are just going to love cooking in your new look kitchen!
    Your little ones are so cute & I'm sure getting lots of loving now!
    Have a wonderful day

  2. Looks AMAZING!!!! OK now you have something to bring us back to your blog :) he he he.....almost as exciting as TA??? Must be big!!!

  3. Your kitchen looks great!! What a talented crew you had working so hard!!

    What else do you have going on?? I'm wondering a looking forward to finding out!!

  4. wow! your tile is beautiful!! nice skilz :)

  5. Beautiful countertops! Good job! Well done!

  6. Looks beautiful!!! What sweet parents you have! And I can't wait to hear about your TA!!

  7. The tile is beautiful! Great job!


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