Friday, October 28, 2011

Guess What?

I’m getting a Christmas gift this weekend.  No, it isn’t Clive and Noelani, though there is something exciting happening there that I will share later.
My parents are coming today with a gift for us...
it’s pretty major...
I’ll show pictures as soon as I can.
So be sure and sneak a peek later!


  1. Excited to see what it is!!
    yay!! I'll be back!!

    And yes- where are you on your journey? We are waiting for TA! Hoping you are too!!

  2. Such a wonderful gift...enjoy your time together!

  3. Hey, Shonni! Just wanted to let you know that "Lisa" is now home with us. About two months ago we started the emergency adoption of an older girl who was about to age out, and the governments on this side and that kindly expedited "Lisa's" adoption so that she could come home to us at the same time as the older girl. They've been home two weeks yesterday. We're going through textbook "older child" behaviors with the older girl and are looking forward to that magic seven-month mark when life begins to seem more normal.

    Blessings to you and lots of love for bringing us "Lisa," our precious ray of sunshine.



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