Monday, October 24, 2011

I Had A Dream Last Night...

...I dreamed that Steve and I were sitting in a crowded room in China waiting to meet Noelani and Clive.  I was so excited and anxious and I was pretty sure that they were too.  Then some women came in with a bunch of children.  It was so crowded and I was searching for my precious new children.  Then, I saw handsome new son, but I was still looking for Noelani...
Then Keshawn woke me up.
YES, I am ready to bring my children home.  It looks like it will be December now.  

And look at our beautiful family tree...there are so many new leaves of love on it.  We are so grateful for every donation to help us bring home our children.  
Of course, it’s not to late to get a leaf with your name put on our tree!  
And if you can, would you consider sharing our fundraiser with others.  
Thank you for praying our newest darlin’s home!!!


  1. I love it!! Yay!! I am guessing you woke up with a happy heart!

    Now go back to sleep and find Noelani in that crowded room!
    I know it doesn't work that way- but I wish it did! I would have then dreamed about our Abby!

    These dreams are a gift! So glad you had one!!

  2. You're getting so close when the dreams are that real!!!

  3. You probably didn't want to wake up! But soon this wait will seem like a dream that has passed - and the reality will be that you will have two precious beautiful children in your home and in your heart! Yeah!


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