Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teaching A Child While They Learn English?

I am ordering these books from Plum District for Noelani.  It seems to me that until she learns more English, the easy workbook route is the best way to go.  Does anyone else have any ideas about Home Educating a child while they are learning English????


  1. I think that basically starting from the beginning is the best way to go (unless she's really good in math, which, of course, is more universal). You can always move quickly through the beginning stuff if she finds it easy, but it's a great way to learn all of the vocabulary, etc.

  2. When I began home-schooling our seven year old--he had never picked up a pencil, let alone spoke a word of english. KEEP IS BASIC and SIMPLE. I started with teaching him the letter sounds {as I do with my wee ones} and as he gained ground in learning english advanced as I saw fit. God is faithful and He will give you wisdom and insight :-)

    Blessings and joy on this journey,

  3. We used Bob books with Amarin, as well as started him on kindergarten math through Abeka. They worked well for him.

  4. Yep, it's a frustrating time, I always feel like I am wasting 6 months as they learn the language. I have another kid sit with the newbie with picture books, and just go thru and say the names of things, and have the newbie repeat it. It may just be 10 min a day, but it makes the other kids feal like they are helping too.
    We do lots of puzzles, abc dot-to-dots, and way too much PBS=) while the others are doing school.

  5. When you find out the answer to this question, please share. I'm trying to homeschool a soon to be 15 year old, from China only 1 year, that is really only at about a 2nd grade level in learning. She can speak English, but struggles with reading, writing, and comprehension.

  6. we have kept the first year or two really really basic and not done a TON of academics until they are really settled in (and, maybe with ESL - until they are speaking more fluently which should come soon with all of the conversations around your house!)


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