Sunday, May 13, 2012

“I Want A Time Out"

 O.K., here’s the story.  Keshawn needs some herbal medicine for a tummy problem.  We started it today, and he is HATING it.  We have tried everything to help get the herbal “medicine” down. He spits it out at us, closes his lips like a vise, and in general is making it miserable for all of us.   Nothing has worked, and believe me, I know all the tricks.   However, as any good mother knows, when they have to take their medicine, you do what you have to do.  The last time we tried to give him his medicine, he pathetically started crying out “I want a time out.”  Ha-ha!!!!!!!  That was not going to get him out of this.  And we didn’t buy into it. 
These pictures are capturing his latest reaction.  The top picture, I told him he had to take one more dose of medicine before bedtime.

 The tears came, and the begging for a time out instead of the “medicine” began....(which, if anyone is wondering just what I am “torturing” him with - it is a rather yummy Cherry Berry Aloe Vera juice.)

 Now, I am being very vulnerable here showing my "no make up" face, but is that baby Keshawn sad face not cute, OR WHAT?!!!  I was trying to convince him that I would help him.  
 I offered a special, SPECIAL treat to help him.  You can see, he is thinking about it. 
 You can almost read his thoughts here....”How much can I manipulate them with these adorable big, brown eyes."
 He has agreed to try it again, without spitting the juice back out in our face.  What’s my secret weapon, and will it work?
Stay tuned.....


  1. Aww,you're right, who could resist those big brown eyes :)

  2. He is the cutest little guy...cute pictures!


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