Thursday, May 17, 2012


 Noelani learned today "why" she is suppose to put her bike up at the shed.  She had it off to the side in the grass instead, and unfortunately, today it was run over by a mail deliverer.  I felt really sorry for the guy.  I think he thought at first that he might have hurt a child. 
It was a good learning opportunity for the children and a good review of two rules; 1) Go to the back yard when a car drives up to the house; 2) Put your toys up when you are not using them.  
Other wise, Noelani is really doing wonderfully.  
I haven't talked much about my newest son. 
 My little Clive Charles is a very "wounded" little soul.  Of course, we don't know what his past has been like.  He has very large permanent looking bumps and scars on his forehead.   Questions???
He tries to hit his head or slap himself when he is really upset.  We hold him so that he will not hurt himself.  More questions???
He has "symptoms" of abuse.  Questions???
Still, after all these years of parenting, there is only one question that I will ever ask; "LORD God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Creator of this little child, You are directing his life; How do You want me to mother him?  What does he need?  LORD God, we ask for your wisdom."
We are doing "listening therapy" everyday, and it is our special time for me to just hold him, tummy to tummy.  He gazes at me like a newborn will do.  He is trying to get what he didn't get all those years ago.  I gaze back and stroke his head or his back.  He relaxes and sometimes goes to sleep.  I pray silently..."Lord, my Father God, please heal this little child.  Make him whole.  Fill him with Your Spirit.  May his life AND his healing bring glory to your name.  Lead him in the paths that You have planned for him, and may he love YOU.  Help me to love him the way that he needs."  
Then I breathe deeply and TRUST in my father. 


  1. Shonni,
    That is just precious and amazing. My heart can SO understand that kind of love and my sweet girl isn't even home yet. Whatever it takes...
    Prayers were said on your behalf today!

  2. Oh sweet boy...I am praying for his precious heart.

  3. This makes me so sad for your precious son, praying for God to heal his wounded heart and for wisdom for you as you walk along side him.
    You're an amazing mom.


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