Thursday, May 31, 2012

She Has Gone

My Kalyn Meshell left today with my sister (in-love), Karla.  She will be gone for almost a month.  She will be in Texas with my family for a few days before she leaves on her mission trip to Guatemala. 
I am so very proud of her.  Please pray with us for safety and the work that she will be doing.  She was really excited, as always, to go on this mission trip.  
We will miss her!
And don't tell anyone (shhhhhhhh), but I might have cried as she drove away.


  1. I think I would have cried too.

    Blessings, Jennifer

  2. Oh Dear Friend... I completely understand... Our Katie gets married on a Friday and leaves for Germany on a Monday...

    I have so many mixed emotions...

    I am so happy for her and yet my knees give out with the thought of her being gone...

    Truly it is a time for GOD to intervene and strengthen us. A time that only through prayer we can be comforted and rejoice for our dear daughters!

    AND... then 3 weeks later I am hoppin on a plane to see her- whew! She will be there for 2-3 years... This Momma's gotta check it out! Gotta make sure my baby girl will be okay!

    Saying prayers for you and for her! She is glowing in the pictures! God definitely has a plan for her! There is something very special about Kalyn!

  3. We will be praying for her trip.

    I would have worried if you had not cried :)

  4. feeling for you too - as my babies drove off today for your neck of the woods! will be praying for Kalyn!


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