Friday, July 6, 2012

The Good News...

 My pantries are getting a really deep cleaning!

The bad news is the reason - mice eating to their nasty little hearts content.

The good news - Kayln found some science videos for the children to watch for school before she left to baby sit.
Yuck, I hate cleaning mice poop!
Well, off to finish.


  1. That looks like way too much work, sista! But I agree, must lose the mouse do-do! If I lived closer, I'd come help you!!!

  2. ugh...I feel your pain. I DESPISE mice.

  3. I love your site!! What a great life you have.

    I feel motivated to deep clean today!! Thanks!

    I would be honored if you followed me this while I'm doing 31 Days to Fit (for moms like you and me.) on my blog:

  4. ..eeeek !!!!.. what a brave mommie you are !!!
    here's hoping that all the rascals have alaready exited !!! .. good luck .. might as well check those "experation dates" while your at it !! (if your like me it will make the refilling of the cabinets half the work that emptying was .. hehe
    blessings .. aj


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