Saturday, December 1, 2012

His First

 We had just missed this special day last year.
 The birthday when you turned eight.  
 This year though, we celebrated this day with you!  
 Yes, you turned nine this year,
 and we all loved singing happy birthday to you,
 and being silly, 
 and watching you open your gifts...

But, I am celebrating your FIRST birthday home.  The first year you have a family to sing the birthday song
 to you; the first year that your mommy got to make a cake for you; the first time that we got to see you laugh and blow out your candles; ...
this is the first year for me -
your mommy,
to celebrate the little boy who was born 9 years ago, in another country to another woman;
and to remember with thankfulness the circumstance orchestrated by The Almighty that brought my son to me.

Happy First Birthday Home Clive Charles.  I am so glad that the LORD gave you to me,
I love you,


  1. Happy Birthday to your precious boy ~ he is so blessed to be a part of your beautiful family ( as I'm sure you are blessed to have him as part).
    What precious photos these are!

  2. Firsts.....a momma's heart cherishes.....and he will cherish, and your whole family! Happy Birthday!!!!!

  3. As a mom adopting "older children", I wasn't prepared for the joy of all the "firsts". It just hadn't occurred to me! You get to see so much joy on their faces since they are old enough to really appreciate each "first". :) It's SO cool! God is good!
    Karen Twombly

  4. Happy 9th birthday sweet Clive! A day you will never forget! and loved by one beautiful family!

  5. Happy Birthday Clive!
    So thankful you are HOME and celebrating with your forever family!


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