Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh, To Share Life ...

 ...with the one you love.
 They have taught me to fight for what is important,
 to love extravagantly, even when it hurts,
 to give of yourself, and forgive when it is hard,
 to laugh, and play and enjoy the life that God has blessed us with,

 to remember that people are always more important than things,
 and that whether you have money or struggle to make ends meet, remember the most important things in your life...
 our real blessings are our family, friends and our gifts that can be used to love and serve the LORD and others.
 They have faithfully loved each other and those that God has put in their paths. 
They have selflessly given whenever they could.
 They have passionately embraced the journey that the LORD has taken them on;
 and look each day for His guidance and wisdom.  
 Are my parents perfect?  Gosh, even they would shake their heads and laugh “NO”.  
But with lots of hard work and enormous amounts of love,
I would say they are pretty darn close.
I’m grateful to God for them, and it was so fun to take these precious pictures of them.


  1. They are BLESSED to have each other.

    You are BLESSED to have them as parents and grandparents.

    BEAUTIFUL pictures of a BEAUTIFUL love.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. What an incredible post of two beautiful people - who have raised beautiful kiddos! Beautiful photos from a beautiful photographer!- you really captured their silliness and love! :)

  4. They are beautiful pictures...and what a blessing to have such precious parents.

  5. Beautiful pictures- the love just radiates!! They are adorable together and what a blessing they are to you and your family!!

  6. I love the joy I see in your parents' faces. They radiate love.

  7. I just love your parents! Such Jesus in their smiles and eyes....what a Godly, beautiful example of love for the Father and love for one another!! Beautiful pictures...just beautiful!

  8. such a beautiful couple, they look so in love.
    God bless them!

  9. I attned church with your lovely parents and God just whispered in my ear a couple of weeks ago that they were your parents!!! I know we haven't spoken since junior high but our two paths are simular in many ways.


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