Sunday, February 3, 2013


 I thought you might like to see our week of feeding the nearby Alpacas.  
 This is NOT an Alpaca though, did you know that?  This is a Llama - ears that look like a banana is the clue, and they are less friendly. 
 Each day we loaded the wagons with hay to feed the hungry little animals.  
 The Alpacas were so happy to see those wagons full of goodness!

 Hello hungry baby are so adorable.

 Opps, this one was not very patient and he got his food on his head.

 Garett gets the animals fresh water!

 NOT an Alpaca, and I know that you were not fooled.  This is a beautiful Mohair goat.
 Remember what this one is?
 Is that hair beautiful or what?
 These dogs fiercely protect their flock, but are ridiculously loving with the children.
 Karlie's 1st introduction to Alpacas was a cheek cute!

I was so happy that I could take Jace and Karlie to see these sweet animals while they were here.
I feel so blessed by the LORD that my family has had this opportunity to care for these precious animals!  
Know what Alpacas do when they are hungry and letting another Alpaca know that she is not to intrude?  Spit...
yep, pretty yucky.
I was petting a little Alpaca as it was eating when it "sneezed" -
in my face (mouthing open as I was telling it was a pretty little love it was).  Yea...
I'm still not sure if it really sneezed or if it "spit" at me;
probably the later...LOL
Lesson learned - Keep my mouth shut! 


  1. How fun! Yana would love to babysit alpacas! I'll have to show her this post.

  2. How wonderful to be able to care for them!! Fun for the whole family!

    And thank you for letting us know the difference between Alpacas and Llamas! I have heard the llamas are not as nice.

  3. Fun!!! I love it when we can give our children unique experiences (especially experinces that don't cost $$)!! Babysitting those guys is a very unique experience!!! :) Blessings, Jennifer


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