Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Here is something that Kalyn wrote last night on face book...

"Life, everyone says that there are trials and we've had our share of heartaches and problems. But there are just some things you never see coming and this is one of those things. Ever wake up on a normal day and by the time it ends everything has changed? This was one of those days for all of us. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated in the next few weeks ahead. And no matter what happens God is in control."

We have just found out that we will need to move.  This is a real heart breaker for us.  We built this house, remodeled it, and well, Steve and I thought that we would raise our family here and grow old here.  I just never thought that I would have to leave my home.

But our Shepherd is leading us some where different now.  
And I remember two songs from my childhood that have help me though many other uncertain and painful time times before...

I will post more as I can.
We would so gratefully appreciate your prayers as we face many decisions in the coming year.  


  1. ohhhh how hard!!! I know how much y'all love your home and how much work y'all have put into it making it a home!!! Praying for y'all and seriously - if there is anything I can do - please let me know. Like if y'all need somewhere to stay in TX!!!!

  2. I am praying, Shonni. May our Lord give you great peace in all of your decisions.

  3. Aw Shonni big hugs and lots of prayers coming your way!!

  4. Wow! Big changes! I will certainly be praying for you all.

    Your house is beautiful, and so perfect for your extra large family. But . . . I know that God must have an amazing plan if He has called you to move. He will provide another "perfect" place for you all.

    Hugs !


  5. As someone who moved a lot when I was younger, my heart is with you and yours. I pray that no matter the circumstances your family will be strengthened and a sense of adventure will come upon you all. Be blessed as you persevere along the path that God has for you.

  6. PRAYING! God is pretty awesome! What He has waiting for you is beyond what you could have imagined for your family! Sheri

  7. Praying for you all to have His peace in uncertain times!

  8. Praying for peace and contentment in what God has planned for you and your beautiful family!!! Growth always comes from change!


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