Friday, February 22, 2013

For Ten Years...

... he has given this princess a special invitation this time each year. 
 A beautiful invitation to come away to the Father/Daughter dance.
 And each year she anticipated this special evening; 
 dressing up for her "prince charming" - her daddy. 
I am quite sure that this will always be a special memory for them both!


  1. What a wonderful evening they will have and such treasured memories!

  2. Simply BEAUTIFUL!

    Praying for you in your move.....

  3. She is stunning! What a gift to have such a sweet papa.

  4. So nice to catch up with your blog again after being away a couple of years. Also nice seeing pictures of Colorado. We moved from Colorado Springs back to AZ almost 2 years ago. Trying to get back into blogging too. Also nice to see your brought your two children back from China, I remember when you were paperchasing for them. :)

    The Daddy/Daughter dance is very special and my daughter looks forward to it every year too!!


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