Monday, February 23, 2009

I Love Faces - Black & White

This week at I Love Faces the theme is - Black & White.....

For my adult entry: I love this picture of my dad at the beach...just watching and enjoying his family playing together.

For my kid entry: I had just received my new daughter in Africa...this picture always captures the emotions of so many orphans...scared, hungry, sick ...

Don't worry, she looks like this now..

You can enter your photos at I Heart Faces. Have fun.


  1. what wonderful pictures and faces!

  2. What a beautiful change in your sweetie! She does not even look like the same child. God is so amazing!

  3. Oh, the child in B&W seems so small, so unlike the girl smiling in the last photo. What a blessing to make that kind of difference!

  4. love your entries:)
    What a beautiful family the Lord has given you... WOW your blog brought a huge smile to my heart.:) I can't wait to read more about your family.

  5. What beautiful pictures! Love your blog & your to read. Thank you for popping by!

  6. ow fun i do this series post 2


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