Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Cheaper By The Dozen" moment

Poor Corban...I've never had a child with asthma before. I'm thankful for the medicine, but I'm sad that he needs it also. All night he was breathing faster than to the dr. to make sure we are doing all we need to do to stop this before it become worse.
Yesterday we were in town for quite some time and ...well, we had a "Cheaper By The Dozen" moment. I decided to buy Taco Bell since we were not getting back home sooner than I thought we would. Here was the conversation with the guy on the other end of the order place (I don't know what you call those things)
Me: "I need a number 7, two crispy taco's, and 12 soft taco's..."
Guy: "Did you SAY 12 or 2 soft taco's?"
Me: "I said 12 soft taco's" (talking very slowly at this point)...
Guy: "A DOZEN soft taco's!!?"
Me: "YES, a dozen...."
At this point I was beginning to think I might have to give up
Guy: "O.K., let me repeat your order....". I think that may be he had gotten a witness to hear the order to back himself up, just in case.
Kalyn was beginning to chuckle beside me and yes, we did get our taco's - all 12 of them. When one of the little darlin's complained that they wanted crispy and not soft, well, I hope you don't think I was to harsh when I said "HUSH and eat it!!!"


  1. Sorry Shonni, but I had to laugh... the few times when I am in the car with my girls and their friends and go through a drive through, I want to give up... going through Burger King and McDonalds must garner the same reaction... 8 happy meals... by the way 2 or 10 kids... "Hush and eat it" works everytime!!

  2. Poor Corban... I hope he outgrows the asthma, it's tough! Especially on such a little sweet guy... we will be praying for him!

  3. Hush and eat it...I love it!! I can relate.


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