Monday, February 2, 2009


The reason I love my camera....what a beautiful snowflake...oh the wonders of GOD.
We are in between adoptions, and I know, it is silly, because I know that I have a ministry here in my own home ... HOWEVER, I have always wanted to go on a missions Africa...yes, I know that God brought Africa to me...(I use dot's so that I can run my thoughts they are in my head). Going to pick up your child in a foreign country is WAY different than going to serve. SOOO, my daughter, Kalyn, and I put in applications to go to Uganda with our church. I didn't even want to put in MY application, because I knew that it was a moment of surrender...God here is my dream...but it is in Your Hands...Your will be done.
They called last week to say that we had an interview...but I wanted to wait to get the word for sure that we would get to go...they called today to say that the trip is full....sorry. Now, the me that is stronger knows that this is the will of God...I have no idea what the next few months hold, but He does.
But, the little girl that has had "a dream" is sad tonight. I could also be a little emotional and tired because I haven't had good sleep for 8 nights because we have had 7 children sick for over a week, and the littlest one has a burst ear drum from all the fever, BUT THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT...I feel sad and disappointed.
I would go eat that last chocolate truffle I had saved for such an emergency, however, one of my children who hasn't been eating well "stole" it yesterday...


  1. And to top it off, someone stole your truffle. Such a terrible day! I normally hide my candy! wink!! And then I eat when they are in bed..yep!
    You are so right. Only God knows what is in store the next few months. I didn't realize you are adopting again. How exciting. Tell me where?? Details!! So exciting!!
    You will get another opportunity to go on a mission trip. He knows.
    PS: I use dots,too.

  2. Someone always steals my last piece of candy... (heehee, I guess I use the dots for the same reason), but it is usually my husband! I am so sorry about the Africa Mission Trip. Part of me is also asking God why such a wonderful servant as yourself isn't going? But you are right, He has a plan and He really does know what is best. I am excited to see what He has for you... I agree with Trina... He knows the desires of your heart...

  3. PS: I absolutely LOVE the snowflake! I need lessons from you in Photography, you are so gifted!

  4. Hey,
    I wanted to stop by and thank you for joining in the friends at A Place Called Simplicity....and thank you for your sweet comments.

    I love your blog name and that you, too, have a family that looks like God's heart - so very, very, cool to find a mom like me!!

    I look forward to getting to know you better.

    Love, Linn PS We just came back from doing a verbal agreement for a rental - Yippeee Jesus!

  5. I was getting ready to tell you that Linn is getting ready to get her 10th from China...and there her post is right above mine. :) I have seen many large families adopt from China so I think you should go for it. Contact CCAI.
    and ask for Denise. Did you notice Benjamin's hand? He is our 6th and China approved us to adopt him. :)

  6. Amazing snowflake!!!Clearly I need a better camera.

    Sorry for the let down.Could be God's way of showing you the hidden desires of your heart. As for the truffle...Not cool to mess with the emergency chocolate!


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