Friday, February 6, 2009

Faith and Hope

Yesterday, I was in town most of the appointment and dr. appointment for Aiden. He has NOT been sleeping well! He hasn't had fever in days, but obviously something was wrong. Come to find out, he has a horrible ear infection, which I kinda begin to figure. It was a long hard day and the other little ones where glad to have momma back home.
We have tunnels that the children love to plan in and it is fun to see their happy little faces.
And they were all wanting some lovin' and attention.
Here is another quote that I really like from the book "Reckless Faith"..."Faith and hope are back to back in the heart of a reckless believer. We hope that the One we have faith in has a plan. And we have faith that that plan will bring us eternal - and earthly - hope."
I'm reminded again to "let go and be led."

I am looking forward to some rest tomorrow and want to spend time reading some books I haven't had time to enjoy.


  1. Oh my goodness. Look how happy they are to see you. Sweet. yeah, I'm wondering about Benjamin's ears. Maybe i need to follow up.

  2. Happy, happy crew to have Momma home! Dani use to get ear infections when she was smaller. She was such a happy baby that at times we had no idea until it was really hurting her... so my prayers are with you for all those little ears... they are so susceptible to infections poor darlins'

  3. PS: I love this picture... did you get to read?


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