Saturday, February 7, 2009

From Kalyn - Adoption

Being the oldest daughter in such a big family is a big responsibility but it isn't as hard as some people think. I can't imagine what other people do with their time!! Each little child that has come into our home has a special place. Sometimes I think life might be easier without so many distractions but then I stop and think which one would I be able to give up? From the moment they enter that door they are my little siblings and even though sometimes we fight and argue there is one thing that is for sure and that is that I will hear my name called at least a dozen times during day!!! I love all of them and each one teaches me something different. Dealing with so many personalities and different types of people in my own home is the best school I have ever been to! Here we each are growing together and learning together and experiencing life together! God has given me Asians to love, Africans to hold and cherish; each one is a precious gem and special to me in their own way.


  1. Kalyn, what a wonderful example you are to your brothers and to your sisters... and because of that, they will feel the same way as they get older too! Perfect role model! I wish more teenagers would get off of the computer, their video games and put their free time towards more productive endeavors!

  2. Kalyn, you are a precious example!!! I can only imagine how thankful your parents are for a daughter who rejoices in His ways! Praising God for you!


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