Monday, February 9, 2009

I Heart Faces - silly

This weeks contest at I Heart Faces is "silly".

For my kid entry: When we say "Aiden, show us your angry eyebrows", this is what we get and then he laughs so hard at his own silliness.

For my adult entry: While we were painting our basement, my mother and I started funning around and I love this picture because it just captures our silly little moment and her hiding her laugh behind a paint brush.

You can enter your photos at I Heart Faces Have fun!


  1. Too funny! We ask our little guy to show us his "wrestling face" when he and daddy are rough-housing. It looks a lot like Aiden's face here! And that one of your mom is great!

  2. I love it when kids try to make a face but can't hide the smile behind it. Your mom looks like a lot of fun too!

    P.S. What an encouragement your family is! I am amazed at the beautiful family you have.

  3. Hey Shonni!

    I really need to post on my blog and boy am I exhausted from running. it's finally gotten warm here again and I am running a few miles in the afternoons.. I can't think straight.. hahahah! Think of a few questions you'd like to ask about pics and email me at, that way we can chat. I cannot wait to read your blog, but I think I have to go to bed at 8:00..hahahaha,

  4. oh my goodness - I LOVE that little cutie -- and the story with the 'angry eyebrows' is just hilarious! :-) I think it's AMAZING that you've adopted -- we really want to adopt our next baby through DFCS in GA . . . I'm excited I found your blog through I Heart Faces

  5. I love his "angry eyebrows" ~ that's such a great shot for a silly theme. :) Your adult photo is cute too.

    co-founder of I ♥ Faces

  6. Those are both awesome photos! We have been thinking about adopting as well...Hope you don't mind if I follow would be a wonderful mentor for me! We live in Oklahoma...(saw you adopted a child from Tulsa). Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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