Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Here is a video I made to use for orphan ministry.


  1. Seeing babies in their cribs like this breaks my heart. It's so hard to pretend like we don't see it. Some can pretend to close their eyes but I can't turn my head away. I know you know what I mean. I continue to pray that more and more Christians will see what we see and open their eyes and hearts to a sweet little one. HE is working! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! What wonderful stories. See...HE is working.

  3. Shonni... I love this one even more than the first... and I still love that one so much. If one can't adopt... how can we help support those who do? I really would like to put money where it does matter. Can you help me with this? I would really appreciate it!!! Love you and Steve for what you guys are doing and how you want to help others to do it too. You have really touched my heart with the Spirit of His love, and words cannot even express the thankfullness of that.

  4. AMEN, sister! So powerful! Thank you for putting this together for the sake of the orphans and the spreading of the Gospel!!!! What kind of church orphan ministry do you have at your church? Jason, my husband, works for Abba Fund. Have you heard of them? They help churches build adoption funds (for their church), and serve by administering all the funds, application process, etc (as much or as little as the church needs) - all for free - just to serve churches so that they can serve the body through adoption funds! Does that make sense? : ) You can ask Jason more if you need info : )

    May this speak to the hearts of those He has chosen to give and those He has chosen to adopt and those He has chosen to support!!! Bless you, sister!


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