Sunday, February 15, 2009

From Kalyn-School

I love school! I just finished reading a book about doc Holiday; very interesting. In some ways I pity him, it seemed that every time he was settling down someone always came after him and messed it all up. But back to school; math I would say is my worst subject but my dad says I am better at it then I think. Just like a daddy should! :) I like calligraphy best and love listening to classical music while I work at it. Then there is my Colorado history report that I am working on; very interesting; later this year when it warms up me and my mom are going to take a few short trips and visit some historical places. Can't wait!!! Should be fun!!! I am also working on chemistry, not that I understand it all but it is very interesting. Learning about all the different tips of metal and how they work, I find it quit interesting. I love being home schooled!!! It allows me to do the things that I really like and I don't have to sit in some class room to do it. I love to come down into my bed room and sit in my chair and on my bed and work on my school or when it is nice outside I like to go work outside. Here in my house I am surounded by beauty and joy and the best teacher of all, my mom.


  1. Hi Kalyn,
    My name is Lee and I have three little kids. (5,3,and 1). My husband and I are praying about taking our son (5yrs old) out of school next year and homeschooling. I've been praying and worrying and praying and worrying. Today, your post blessed my heart. I needed to know that kids see the benefit of homeschooling too. Not just the moms.
    Thanks for blessing me today,

  2. Hi Kalyn... and you know... that's the best attitude to have about school! What a blessing to see a teenager who has a real desire to learn, even when it's hard! My daughters are 16 and 14 and they love to listen to classical music too when they do their homework!


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