Monday, December 14, 2009

Not My Bloggy Self

Steve and I are still sick...stomach stuff...
I'm taking Corbin to the dr. later this morning to see how he is doing and baby Keshawn will get his first check up.
My oven is broke and that is frustrating since so many meals I make cook in the oven. Also I was wanting to make Christmas goodies before next week. I am praying they can fix it soon.

Cute pictures of daddy with his new son! Aren't they cute!


  1. Oh my gracious, that little guy has such a cherub face! TOO CUTE!!! Sweet, sweet pics with Dad. Love it!

    I'll be praying for you today!

  2. Shonni - sorry about your oven!

    The photos are precious!!!

    Hugs and love,

  3. Look at those two--priceless! I do believe our husbands are a lot alike :-) Get well soon, and may the Lord restore your strength (and your oven too).

  4. Oh my goodness! Too precious for words!!! LOVE it!

  5. You have had such a rough time and right before Christmas when you need to be well!!!

    I'll pray for your health and your oven! Such sweet pictures of Daddy with his son!!!

  6. Shonni, I'm so sorry you're still sick and your oven is broken! Not the transition period you had planned, I know. Thank you for sharing sweet pictures. Praying everything smooths out very soon.

  7. Oh my lovely friend--you guys need BREAKTHROUGH in your home with your health. I am sooooo sorry. Know that I am praying!!!

    Ugh--and the oven too???? Trusting you can get it fixed really soon.

    GORGEOUS pics, simply perfect :)

  8. So sorry that you are still fighting bugs at your house, Shonni. Praying for all of you. And I know how frustating it can be to be without an oven at Christmas time. But . . . your family is celebrating this Christmas season with Kershawn - how amazing and wonderful is that! Praying you will find joy in the season in spite of all the "stuff" you are walking through right now.

    I always love the daddy pics!

  9. I hope you both feel better soon. Also your oven is repaired. Hope the dr appts go well. Great pictures!

  10. sorry to hear that you are STILL sick! Praying right now that you are feeling better soon and that your oven will get fixed ASAP! Hugs!!

  11. I am so sorry that y'all haven't been able to sit and relax since before Thanksgiving! Praying y'all will be feeling better and household appliances are repaired soon! We had a similar welcome home when we brought Jorja home in January - the icing on the cake - was our van engine quit! Totally had to replace it! Our only vehicle that holds two car seats! :)
    But, we made it and I know you will too!
    Love you and thank you for keeping us updated!

    Your photos are just priceless!
    My 13 year old asked me, "When do we finally get to meet Shonni and her family?"
    Ohhh I hope soon!

    Love ya Sista!

  12. PRECIOUS pictures! Sending you big hugs and prayers for sickness and a new oven! Love you! Amy


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