Thursday, December 10, 2009

We're Home-Yea!!!

Corbin was released from the hospital yesterday. Praise the LORD. He is still sick, but well enough to come home. Thank you all for your prayers for us!
It is nice to be back home again and I have been loving on
these little toes...
and these little fingers....
and those beautiful eyes and sweet cheeks...
and all this yummy babyness since we got home.
How wonderful it felt to put Keshawn in the sling and watch him drift of to sleep!
Every one here at home is feeling better. Steve went back to work this morning.
Thank you sweet friends again, for your prayers and sweet words of encouragement! I was thinking how thankful I was that Corbin didn't get that sick till I was home.


  1. Praising God you are home and Corbin is feeling better!

    Lots of love - Jill
    Enjoy all that yumminess!!!!!

  2. Praise God Corbin is home, and that your family is feeling better. Your baby is nothing short of GORGEOUS!!! I would love to hear more about your experiences in Ethiopia...I'm feeling the call to adopt again...sigh...I don't think that will ever subside!

  3. I am so glad he is home. Praying he is feeling much better soon. Your baby boy is so precious. I just want to hug him. Such a cutie.

  4. so glad you all are home and on the road to recovery! you newest addition is so precious!!

  5. Praise God!!!! So glad you're home and obviously in baby heaven :)

    Love you

  6. I'm so glad Corbin is doing better! Keshawn is absolutely adorable! I know his brothers and sisters are just in love with him!

  7. So glad you are all better! That was not fun at all I'm sure. What agency did you use to adopt Keshawn and did you like them?

  8. So glad Corbin is doing better and you are home!

    What a beautiful sight Keshawn is- especially sleeping in the sling!

  9. So glad that your home! Keeshawn is just gorgeous!!!

  10. Praise God...glad you are home and ready to be spoiled! That sleeping baby is just too sweet Shonni.

    So happy Corbin is better and able to enjoy his family at home.

    love you
    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  11. I am so glad you can be back wtih your family! Sleeping Keshawn is just too precious! :) I am very thankful that Corbin is better. I hate having kids in the hospital!

  12. So thankful you are home and doing better! Keshawn is stunningly precious and adorable.

  13. Praise God that Corbin is recovering & that you are able to spend time with your newest blessing! He sure is a cutie!
    Renata :)


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