Monday, April 19, 2010

Ummm, I can't think of a title....

"I don't throw my life away, but I willingly and deliberately lay it down for Him and His interests in other people." O. Chambers
I had seen this quote YEARS ago and have always loved it. Then I saw it again recently on my friends blog, who lives and ministers in Uganda with her family. Please visit their blog if you are not familiar with them and pray for them. They have just moved to one of the more isolated and ravaged places in beautiful Uganda....up North. 
The children and I were finally able to go to one of my favorite places out here where we live. There is a beautiful greenbelt just across the road from us. So far, our spring has been very windy and cold, but today it was nice and we took advantage of the warm weather; before it gets cold again on Wednesday. Keshawn isn't feeling well, and I'm not really sure what is wrong....we were up a lot last night, and he has wanted to be held SO much today. It has made it hard for me...I want and know that he needs to be held; yet as the keeper of the home, I keep looking around to the house work that needs to be done. I know that I'm doing the best (holding him), but, I also know that the work that needs to be done will be waiting for me later and it will probably have had some babies. 
Non the less, I tell myself to take it easy, breath, relax, let it go...
We had a PERFECT family time yesterday and when Keshawn lets me have more time I will share pictures.


  1. beautiful picture...i know those days too well when the little one won't let you put them down!

  2. What a beautiful photograph Shonni! I love the frame element. What program did you use? I agree, love on that baby and you'll get caught up later. I pray that he sleeps well, feels better tomorrow and you wake with abounding energy!

    I was just hit hard by that quote! I was thinking throughout the day (far too much) about whether a couple recent purchases were sin or not. After reading this quote, I feel clearly, that it is His answer to me. The issue isn't really if it is sin or not (but I know it is when I don't have any peace!~duh lol) rather... what am focused on...what consumes my time, my thoughts, my energy and my should be Him, His people, His work here on earth. All that to say...thank-you :o)

  3. YOU DO NOT KNOW! I needed to re-read that quote again today. Thanks. You are so sweet.

    Love from the North,

  4. I hear you, fellow Mama. :) That balancing act is such a tough one. My day today was like that too! My toddler has been clingy and crying lots, my preschooler has been needing attention and my older child had lessons she needed help with. Aagghhh!! And of course the house was a real mess. But. It's evening time now, we got through and tomorrow is a new day (with hopefully less growling from me...:)). I'll pray your littlest gets well quickly. :)

  5. Great shot!

    Praying Keshawn well!

    Hugs and love,

  6. Praying Keshawn is feeling bettter soon.

    Love your pictures!!!

  7. It has been many years since I had babies needing to be held as well as a host of other things to do, but I remember the feelings of being overwhelmed at times.
    I hope Keshawn is better soon soon :)
    I love the photo.

  8. great quote. I pray I can live up to it!

  9. What a beautiful picture. Praying Keshawn feels better, it's sure hard keeping up with the house isn't it? Praying we all manage that one!

  10. Love your title! And sweet little Keshawn needs to be held. The dust bunnies can collect, but the comfort and love you are pouring into him can never be replaced.

    Hugs for your day,

  11. I was just telling a family member about you today and I was like, "I'm in awe of her"...(speaking of you!) You're someone who I definitely look up to. =)

  12. So glad that you found our blog! Thanks for following. It looks like you have an amazinjg family!

    Gorgeous photo.


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