Friday, April 23, 2010

What I Have Learned Through Adoption

Moms Ministry and More
Heidi, at Moms, Ministry and More, asked me to write a guest post answering the question, "What is one thing I have learned through adoption." If you would like to read it, please visit Heidi's blog. I would recommend Heidi's blog anyway...she is such an encouraging person!

On a different note...WOW, are we getting the snow!! I had a dr.'s appointment that I tried to get to this morning, and instead, got stuck in the snow with our van. Steve drove out to try and unstuck it. After several hours and almost getting the Bronco stuck, we had to come home without the van and Steve can't even get back to town for his work. Prayerfully, we can get the van unstuck soon...however it is still really snowing hard out here and they are predicting a winter storm warning till tomorrow. So nothing to do but, sit back and enjoy the beauty of a Colorado Spring snow storm and my husband being home early!

Looking down our driveway....

Our poor chicken coop buckling under the weight of the snow....

Praying for no broken branches.


  1. That's crazy!! All that snow!! See, I'm a Floridian and I've visited snow a couple times, but I doubt I've EVER seen THAT much snow!! It's beautiful but I can't imagine living in it!! I wouldn't know what to

  2. WOW! That is a crazy amount of snow. Sorry you got stuck!

    Praying for the van to get out!

    Blessings and love!

  3. oh my goodness it's still snowing??? wow! great pictures and can't wait to read your guest post :) have a great weekend.

  4. wow!!!!!! ours is all melted now- we just got an inch or two!

    adoption has taught me that i was an orphan before God adopted me- and that even though i was rebellious and with so many faults-- He pursued me and loves me

  5. WOW! It is so weird seeing all of that snow when it is in the 80s in GA right now. Hopefully you will be able to get the van unstuck!

  6. Wow I can't believe ya'll are still getting snow and it is in the 80's here..That is crazy.

  7. I can't imagine that much snow!! I've gotta stay here, where it's 80ish and I'm sunburned.
    Thinking of Gommy and all your family needs, lifting you all up.

  8. I keep saying how cold I was today and it was mid 50's...guess I shouldn't complain. The snow is beautiful to look at...from inside a warm house...ha!

  9. Crazy!!! We were surprised by the snow at your place in September (when we thought it was still summer). So, are there any months of the year that you do NOT get snow???

    Snuggle up with the kids ... drink some hot chocolate ... enjoy some "at home" time with Steve (since he can't get to work).

    Laurel :)

  10. Oh man...that snow is just too much! I don't envy you. And to think I was freezing at my daughter's soccer game yesterday where it was 57 degrees. Hope it melts quickly!

  11. Beautiful pictures of the spring snow storm. At first I thought it was an old post and had to check the date. It's nothing but spring here- no sign of snow!

    Hoping the branches don't break, too! The wet snow is so heavy.
    Enjoy your family time!

  12. What a BEAUTIFUL post on Mom's Ministry & More Shonni!
    It is an honor and a JOY to read what God has done, is doing, and will continue to do through you and your beautiful family!
    THANK YOU for sharing your life on-line, it encourages and inspires me!
    Blessings in Him

  13. I feel so bad for you especially since we are on vacation in Florida after moving from the UK!!! I cannot believe that it is snowing somewhere in the States in April, but since you have the pictures to prove it, well....... I guess I shall have to believe it is true!!!

    Does it eventually get warm there?

  14. Oh no, so sorry you got stuck. Beautiful photos. Thank you so much for stopping in at the blog. I love following you and your beautiful family:)


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