Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Mom, Dad's Home-My Emotions"

I always know when Steve is matter where I am at, Aiden comes yelling though the house "Mom, Dad's Home!!!"

Many times I just say "Yes, baby, Daddy is home." Usually, Steve has brought home groceries of some sort, and 3 year old Aiden loves to help bring in the bags...still yelling to anyone who missed the 1st announcement that daddy was home. 
However, occasionally, when I hear him yell this happy news, like today,... own emotions get the best of me. The "mommy" in me feels sad for those years that he didn't have a daddy (or any family). It is difficult to explain...I guess the best way to explain it is a mourning for what my child missed those first months or years of their lives. Yes, of course, I am happy for what they have now, a home, a family.
However, they are MY children, and just like I would feel for my birth children, I feel a sadness, and a thankfulness, for what they have come through. Sometimes, I find myself saying to my newest little son, as he snuggles into my chest to rest and receive love, "It's nice to have a mommy, isn't it?" I'm not thinking how wonderful I am or anything, I FEELING emotions of gratefulness that HE has a mommy to snuggle him, because I love him so much and for 7 months he didn't have a mommy. When Kiana first came home from China, my parents came right away to meet their newest granddaughter. As I watched them loving on her, I had some of those same feelings..."She now has a Dandy and Gommy...a few days ago, she had no one!" My birth children always had all of these blessings and people that loved them, but my children home through adoption did not. Their stories started before we brought them home. And often those stories included loneliness, hunger, and fear. 
Of course we, as mothers, should and we do help our children heal from those early pains, but I guess I am realizing that we as the mothers should also realize and help our mother's hearts heal because we love them so, and WE HURT also for what they have come through. 
So, when my little man yells with all the happiness that his three year old body can hold that daddy is home, and I feel that familiar sadness and thankfulness, mourning and joy...
I am going to look into his eyes and say "Yes, baby, Your daddy is home."


  1. awww.. that makes me weepy in a good way or GOD way!

  2. What priceless photos of father and son. This makes me happy and sad. I too sit and wonder of all the days my daughter was without a loving embrace, a tender kiss and just someone to smile at her and tell her how special she is, I'm grateful that God gave us the opportunity to give her those things, but part of me does grieve for what she never had.

  3. I didn't grieve for my adopted children until they were home...and then realized what they have missed. Then, I began to realize the loss of not holding them as a baby. Praise God that he heals our hearts...their hearts.
    I love these pictures. Such a Daddy's love and such a happy little boy!

  4. Beautiful post, and beautiful pictures.


  5. So thankful his Daddy is home... oh, how I share your heart.

  6. A picture is truly worth a thousand words, they are so beautiful and capture so much...

    I can so relate to your thoughts about what our children have missed, but God is a God of redemption and He promises to restore those lost years. I'm so thankful that He chooses to use us to fulfill that promise!!

    Great post!! Happy Easter!!

  7. this resonates with me as well....

    beautiful post & pics of father & son!

  8. That is the best feeling "daddy is home!"

  9. Love the pics! Steve is an awesome Daddy. You and the children are BLESSED!

    Just the other day, Jim and I were talking about our 8 year old Rachel. Oh how she struggles. Jim just shook his head and said, "I can't imagine all of the horrors that touched her life before she came to us. We know some of them ... but I'm sure there are many more."

    Yes ... she had 6 years of TRAUMA before the Lord brought her to her forever family! We know it will take many years to help her heal, but we thank the Lord that He brought her to our family, and that she now has a family that loves her.

    Blessings to you and the Family!!!

    Laurel :)

  10. I totally relate to every word and emotion. The pictures say it all.
    Oh thank God for His wonderful plan of adoption...

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