Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Are The One I Love...

I wanted to title this "I Am Heart Sad Tonight", however it wasn't the right title, so a "silly song" from Veggie Tales came to mind and I will spare you the actual Veggie Tales movie (because I can't remember which one it is...we love them all). 
Over three years ago, my precious mother had a horrible accident that crushed her leg. We had just finished water skiing when it happened. We literally strapped her to a wake board to get her 30 minutes back to a dock where 911 was waiting. My mom (you can call her Gommy-all her Darlin's do), has had several surgeries including rods and pins put into her leg with the prayer being for her to walk again...especially without crutches.  The last few months, Mom has painfully been walking without crutches...until Thursday, when the pain was so great that she couldn't walk at all. An X-Ray revealed that the "hardware" in her leg might have broken, or...
...or what, we aren't sure. The first picture is my mom and dad...I know...They are so dadgum cute, aren't they. The next picture is Gommy (my mom...remember, if you pray for her, you are one of her "Darlin's" and you have the special Right to call her Gommy!!!!) with my nephew, Scott, when we were playing on the Texas sand dunes at Christmas...she's like that...she loves to have fun and laugh and play with her loved ones!! I'm pretty sure that she will adopt you too if you want to ask her...she's like that :)...so is my pretty darn cute dad...you can call him "Dandy"; that's what all his kids call him). 
So back to the "You Are The One I Love..."; I chose that title because my parents have taught me to have hope at all times and don't give up!!! However, you can imagine a crushing leg accident, over three years of pain, and for such a young and vibrant woman, CRUTCHES...I mean really... nothing speaks Non-Sexy likes crutches (although, if you could make crutches Sexy, believe me, your Gommy could!!!!)
So, she is back on the dreaded crutches and waiting for the next 4 weeks to see if the pain gets better and then a decision will be made about the "what next". 
I can tell one thing, Gommy and Dandy wont go down without a fight. Would you please pray for our precious Gommy, that the LORD would heal her and give her strength....
I have never met anyone like my precious mother and so back to my first title; "I Am Heart Sad Tonight". 
Someone else very precious to me is also VERY SICK and would you please pray for her...
This BEAUTIFUL woman married my brother...the cool thing is that we were best friends FIRST. Course, then, she got all warm and fuzzy with my brother and married him, and well, I haven't been "best" friend since...HAHA. I am so teasing...can you imagine how awesome to have your best friend marry your brother!!! Truly, the LORD, gave me the sister I always wanted. This precious sister is fighting some very serious physical problems...she hasn't been able to work since Christmas and is hurting EVERY DAY. I am asking for prayers for her also. 
This is why my friendships with each one of you is so precious to me. I am hurting for those I love so much tonight...and I am so grateful that I can share that with ya'll.  I will keep you updated...
and as my tears fall now, may we each remember the Ones We Love and keep them in our prayers and encourage each other as we walk our lives of love, faith and hope!


  1. What a beautiful post Shonni!

    I will be praying for your family and understand the pain you are feeling watching them suffer!

    I love that we are studying Yahweh Rophe now. He is our healer and will take perfect care of them as we call out in need of His touch upon their lives!

    Lots of love and blessings - Jill
    Gorgeous photos by the way!!!

  2. What incredible pictures, Shonni. I'm so sorry they are sick. Let them know we are praying for them...praying for strength that only comes from HIM. Praying for healing,..that only comes from the ONE who created them. Hugs

  3. praying for your family's healing and for you to be encouraged & strengthened! {hugs}

    As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you. (Isaiah 66:13a)

  4. So praying right along with y'all!!!

    Where two or three are gathered...

  5. Shonni,

    I am praying for healing for Gommy and for your sister in law. May the good Lord restore their health.

  6. You got it, my dear friend--storming that throne room of heaven!!!!!! May the HEALER breathe life into every part of their bodies that need a touch from Him.

    LOVE the beautiful pics.

    Love you too :)

  7. Praying with you tonight. I just wrote a blog post tonight .. praying for Bloggy Friends, as my heart is HEAVY with prayers needed for so many.

    Next time we take a road trip to TX, we'll have to just stop on by and let Gommy adopt us, too. My kids need a Gommy & Dandy in their lives. :)

    Praying for your Sis-In-Law (and BFF) as well.

    Laurel :)

  8. I have made a note of your prayer requests & will lift you all up in prayer. It is so hard to watch precious family suffering! I pray you will God holding you up in His strength.


  9. Saw a mistake in my last post, but it went before I could change it!!! I meant to say ...I pray you will feel God holding you... :)

  10. Honored to join in prayer for these amazing ladies!
    May God touch, heal and restore....

  11. Oh my!! Your mom and dad are sooo precious!! When I saw the first picture it almost looked fake, like something you see published! How cute are they???!! I will definitely pray for your mom and your sister-in-law...and I'll look forward to hearing the good news of a praise before too long.

  12. What a privilege to be asked to pray.

    PS Barbara Manatee

  13. Praying for you and yours this precious day!

  14. What a heart felt post....

    Your parents are precious!!

    I am praying for them and your SIL {best friend}!

  15. Prayed right this second!! Please keep us updated-your family is just beautiful inside and out!

  16. Such a precious family...praying for them and for you!


  17. Praying for your beautiful Mom and lovely SIL.

    You are such a dear blessing and an inspiration.

  18. So sorry to hear about Gommy- I just love her already!! And your dear sister in law - what a blessing to have your best friend become part of the family!

    I will pray for both of them.

  19. Praying for your momma and sister in law. Your momma has such a radiance about her, and I so appreciate that!
    My sister, Jenna, has a prayer request blog and I will let her know about these prayer requests so that she can share them with her "chums/friends/darlin's"!

    Blessings to you,

  20. Oh, friend! I will stand with you in prayer for them!!!

    GOD is bigger than this!


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