Monday, November 22, 2010

He Knows How To Play “THE Card"

This little man knows how to play the “cute card”!!!  And he wins hands-down; I’m a goner!!

I’m so excited...tomorrow my parents and Jace and Karlie will be here.  This will be my future daughter-in-laws 1st time to visit our home.  Then my brother and his family will be here Wednesday, all the way from San Antonia, Texas.  What a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving!  And we will also be celebrating birthdays and will have our Christmas together on Friday.  So it is going to be a fun-busy week with lots of great food and treasured family time. 
I’m taking a break from blogging till next week and want to wish you each a blessed Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for each of you, and for the friendships that have been developed since last year!  You have become very dear friends to me, even if some of us haven’t met.  Thank you for those friendships, for the prayers, and for the notes and e-mails.  I am so grateful!
Loves to you this precious Thanksgiving!


  1. Little Keshawn is SO adorable!!

    Shonni, you have a very nice blog and I enjoy reading it!!

    Do you guys have a contact email??

  2. That little face makes my heart smile, what a cutie!!

  3. and that he does!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy your wonderful family!!

  4. He is totally cute...look out world! Enjoy your family time!!!!

  5. Oh my, oh my! He sure does like that camera!! :) CUTE, CUTE!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family!!

  6. Oh yeah - he knows the cute card alright!

    Love the photos!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious family!

    Love you,

  7. WOW- he does play the card very very well!! Do all children just know that from birth or what?

    Enjoy all of your time with family!!! BLESSINGS!

  8. Such a cutie pie!!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving sweet friend!

  9. He is so stinkin' cute! You're in for a heap of fun love...mischief?...with that sweet little treasure. How could you ever say "no" to that face?? :)

  10. I hope you've had a lovely time with all your family! Keshawn sure is adorable!


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