Monday, November 15, 2010

Can’t Blog....

I got a wild hair, and I’m goin’ with it....I’m painting! How do you paint with so many small children?  I make sure that they are nicely covered in my color of choice, then I roll them up and down the wall...
just kiddin’, you knew that didn’t you?  
I duck tape them to a wall that isn’t being painted and feed them occasionally.  Duct tape is “like” a miracle!!
You still aren’t believin' me?  
Well, be sure to visit later.  You wont want to miss my “wisdom”.  


  1. LOL!

    You are too funny!

    Love you,

  2. oh, I have done that forever. lol, I have painted with kids running around everywhere. My fav story(in fact won me a carpet cleaner in a contest!) was when I decided to pain the boys' room "calming blue". lol hoping color therapy helped. Well, the boy that it was MOST for was a toddler and wearing his standard issue Moore bedtime uniform for a summer baby(white onesie) and fell into my paint pan. He continued to run around and fall-- making himself a human stamping machine of "calming blue" in about 4 places on the brown carpet. lol

  3. Well my goodness, aren't we feisty today!

    Can't wait to see what you're painting...and what you really did with the kids (though I really loved both of your ideas)!

  4. Just found your blog today and I have to say that was a hysterical post to walk into!

  5. OK..I need your wisdom, now! I am hoping to paint the kitchen this week before company arrives for Thanksgiving. We are a homeschooling family in the process of our second adoption. Your family is beautiful!


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