Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where My Thoughts Tend To Go and Some Hebrew

I am seeing a trend happening here.
Every Saturday, I can’t get my mind off of my little guy in China.  I WISH I could show ya’ll his picture. We have to wait just a bit yet.  He has a red thread on his left wrist.  I wear mine on my left wrist. 
 I think the reason my thoughts turn to China so completely on Saturdays is because Saturday is when we celebrate our Sabbath, so I have so much more time to be quiet and think.  
I bought this CD called Bringing Home Beautiful
which is an album of songs dedicated to advocating orphan care and funding for the adoption of Seth and Joy Primm.  Buy the is, well, BEAUTIFUL! 
So I am sitting here listening to this album, and thinking of my little man in China and thankful to HIM in Heaven for inviting me on this journey to another one of His Treasures. 
“We once were lost, but now we’re found, were blind, but now we see....” (From Bringing Home Beautiful).
“Thus says the LORD, ...For when he sees his children, the work of My Hands, in his midst, they will sanctify My Name; they will sanctify the Holy One of Jacob and will stand in awe of the God of Israel.” (Isaiah 29:22-23).  
God tells us here that when WE see our children we are seeing the Work of His Hands in our midst, and our response should be to sanctify His Name and stand in awe of Him!  See the Journey?  Our children lead us on a Journey of Worship, Reverence, AWE for the Holy One.  The hebrew word for sanctify in this verse is qadash. 
"The attitude we take toward God will determine what aspect of Him we will experience.  To those who sanctify Him, who give Him a place of importance in their lives, who seek to allow His character to be duplicated in them, He becomes a sanctuary, a place of refuge and peace.  But to those who will not give Him such a place in their lives, He becomes a stone to trip over.  He does not change; only our attitude determines how we experience Him.  Those who make a place for Him discover that He has in fact made a place for them.  They know that what happens to them comes from One who is both all-powerful and good.” 
John N. Oswalt - The Book of Isaiah
Today, my heart is in China, my eyes are seeing the children in my midst, and response is wholehearted worship and awe for The LORD. 


  1. I know your heart is LONGING, my friend.

    Hang tight--he'll be home before you know it.


  2. So beautiful, Shonni. :) Praying for you and your little man. xx

  3. AMEN! Beautiful post Shonni!

    Praying for you!


  4. Cant wait to see his sweet face! Can I get your mailing address to send the book from my blog?! Im sure you will enjoy it!

  5. The wait is so hard. There are moments when you are at peace and moments when the desire to hold your child is so unbearable! Praying for you!

  6. Shonni,

    My kids keep up with the blogs even better than I do. :-) Thirteen year old says, mom, did you know nations around our table are Sabbath keepers, too?

    What a blessing!

    Take care.

  7. such a sweet post...praying your sweet little boy is in your arms soon!!!!


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