Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My New Word - Hormotional

So, you think that hormotioal isn’t a real word?  Well, you are right and wrong, because I made it up, and I am making it a word!
Let’s start with a definition of emotional, shall we?  "Expressing emotion, easily effected by emotions, any agitation of the mind.”
See?  That just does’t work.  If you were to tell a man “I am having an agitation of my mind”, well, I can already see the expression on his face; confusion and fear at least.  So I have coined a word that I think most of us women-young or old-can identify with -  HORMOTIONAL.
What is the definition of hormotional? - "An unpredictable and irrational yet reliable and completely true state of a woman’s mind and heart when her hormones inflict a nauseating openness into her soul that are usually perceived by others as crazy, illogical and (my personal favorite), state of not thinking clearly. “
An example - husband is trying to help his beloved wife who has a fever and an ear infection.  However, the wife is feeling very hormotional and tells him to take care of what he needs to take care of for his trip-his up coming, male loaded, gun toting, week long hunting trip.  Feeling “hormotional” she knows that he loves her and is taking care of her, but RIGHT THIS MINUTE she just isn’t feelin’ the love.  She is feeling “He loves me, he doesn’t love me; I am glad he can go on this trip, how can he leave me when I need him so; I am not pretty to him, even a moose is more attractive than me; leave me alone because I am so ugly; don’t leave me alone or I know that you don’t love me.”
Is there any other woman who has experienced this hormotionalism?  Come on girls, we need to stand together.  Please don’t leave me standing alone, or I might become overly agitated in my mind!!!


  1. I am cracking up!!!!!!!

    My husband is not a hunter but he does go on several business trips a year ;)

  2. Oh, sweet relief. FINALLY someone has given a name to what I feel 99% of the time.


    It's positively perfect. And my husband will concur.

    Thank you, friend. I do believe I'll nominate you for some sort of prize.


  3. This is way too funny! Thank you for giving a name to my pain Shonni, now I can go to my doctor with something concrete. I can't wait to use this word around my friends.

    You've got to get hormotional into Webster's!!

  4. Can't wait to share with my bestest of friends who is always blaming her emotional states on being hormonal!!! I just blame them on having a plethora of children, a stressful job and an over blessed life!!!

  5. LOL =)
    But yes I DO understand & can relate!
    Hormototional has validity in my dictionary =)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. ROFL! I've been having a hard time putting a word to what is going on with me lately - as my hormones are trying to win a battle in my body. Turning 42 was a piece of cake. Turning 43 in a few months - well let's just say my body and mind are not working together so well sometimes!

    Praying for you to keep a sane mind and not become too hormotional! LOVE IT!

  7. LOVE it!!!

    I was sick in bed a couple of weeks ago ... for 8 days. My dear sweet husband did NOT understand (nor fulfill) my hormotional needs. :(

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Laurel :)

  8. Ha!!! I love the new word, and I think I'll start using it!

  9. so THATS my problem!! I thought i was just postpartumly PSYCHO :)

  10. Absolutely perfect! It took an incredible mama to discover it!!!

  11. I can totally relate! But I fear that even if we put a name to it, our dear husbands may still never fully understand. I just told my husband yesterday that I was feeling emotional, & his response was, "Is that good or bad?" Poor guy!

  12. Oh I am laughing so hard I am gasping! The family thinks I've finally lost it and yet here you go and create the perfect word for me these days. :)

  13. Wonderful!!

    And as you can see many of us out here can totally relate!

    Hope your feeling better soon!!


  14. That is great! And I can relate. My husband goes on ministry trips (which are easier to deal with in my mind) AND hunting trips! Sometimes he manages both in one! LOL! But I've still got a good one!

  15. Carrie @

    Hi, Shonni!
    I LOVE your ministry blogs and am showcasing YOU at my blog today. I truly hope you gain more visitors and maybe even a few more followers to your powerful ministry for Jesus Christ. Keep up the great work.


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