Thursday, April 7, 2011

Empowered To Connect

I know that some of you are familiar with Empowered to Connect and the amazing work of Karyn Purvis.  A large focus of their work is equipping families, churches and professionals to bring hope and healing to adopted and foster children.  One of my favorite resources from Karyn Purvis is Created to Connect, which is a free and wonderful study guide applying Biblical principles to bringing hope and healing to our children.  Steve and I are really excited to be going to the Empowered to Connect conference in Denver this weekend!  (Besides all that, it is two days - just the two of us!)  I am praying for the LORD to give us the wisdom needed to raise these precious ones for Him.
 Here are a few fun pictures from the last few days.  Our dog is so funny to us...he loves to sit, well, like a cat.  

I thought it was cute when I came upon these two “reading” to each other.  Ohhh, the beautiful times when no one is fighting, yelling and arguing.  It does a mommy’s heart good!

 This little doll was saying how tired she was when she was cutting the celery for lunch.  We all laughed at her because we figured it was her silly way of trying to get out of the job.  Besides, this child never takes naps, HATES them.  
Then when lunch was ready and Caresse was calling everyone to the table, she calls me to come look, and this darling angel is what was fast asleep on the couch.  I think a week of playing with Jace and Karlie must have wore her out. 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this study guide! I am so excited to use it! I didn't know about it but love Dr. Purvis. So glad you shared.

  2. Oh I'm so happy that you get to go to Denver for that conference! Karyn Purvis is amazing! And TWO days ALONE. **Sigh** I'm a tad envious, I must admit. Actually...more than a tad. LOL :) HAVE FUN!!!

    Sweet little girly all curled up sound asleep. So precious! I might go do that too. Oh wait...I'm the mommy and that would never happen around here!

    I love your dog/cat! So funny!

  3. Shonni,

    I am so glad that you posted this, because I was planning on going to this but then forgot all about it! So, after I read your blog post today, I called dh and, though it's too late for us both to go, he said that he'd work it out so I could go!

    Online registration is over, but it said on the site that there would be registration at the door. I tried calling Show Hope to make sure that there would be tickets available, but no one answered the phone. Do you have any other possible phone numbers regarding the conference.

    Blessings to you and will hopefully get a chance to meet you tomorrow.

  4. Oh, what a great conference to attend! Your children are so precious and happy! :o)

  5. Always LOVE the pics of your beautiful family!

    Hope your time at the conference is BLESSED! So wish that we could have gone; we really need to dig into the book and study guide.


    Laurel :)

  6. Thank you for sharing Empowered to Connect. I had never heard of it, and I found it to be a wonderful resource. This is our first adoption, and although we are way down on the waiting list, I want to be as prepared as I can be.

  7. I love seeing pictures of your kiddos!

    Your dog is too cute, too!

    We were required to read The Connected Child...that conference sounds awesome!! I should look for one in my area!

  8. My friend Lisa is speaking at the conference! Im sure it will be an amazing time!

  9. I haven't heard of it BUT hope you will share more and I will check it out on the internet!! I am with you- praising God and praying that he will give us the tools to raise the children as he would want us to raise them. I do know we cannot do this ourselves- not for a moment.

    So happy you got some time away with hubby!!

    Love your little one on the couch!!


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