Monday, April 25, 2011

A Few Things...

Starting with this picture...there are a few things you know what?

 A few of these made me commit once again to exercising!!!

 My sweet husbands Easter breakfast blessed us all so much and a few more reasons why I love him!!!

 Yes, the baby is eating a chocolate cross for his breakfast...well, really, he ate three bites and began to gag; then he gave it to me to put back in the box.  Apparently, he has a chocolate threshold!  Which made me wonder a few things...can there really be TOO much chocolate?

 A few cute things here...

 A few cute things there...

And more cute things over yonder (in Texas you use this slang loosely for any space measurement),

 Here’s a few precious things enjoying their Easter gifts from Grandma.  

And a few of these hugs always makes any precious Grandma feel loved!

And the greatest thing of all is that the tomb was empty on the precious Easter morning because our LORD lives!!!

A few other minor things...
-Corbin is having really bad asthma, but we are thankful for the medical plan that we have in place that is helping to keep him out of the hospital.
-Still waiting for the authentication on our paper work that is needed for our China Adoptions.  We didn’t have two of the papers right, but praying that we have them this week.
-Our little Keshawn must be sick...he threw up on Kalyn...being truthful, I felt sorry for Kalyn FIRST...I AM REALLY bad with throw up!
-I have been really sick for over a week now.  All is good weakness makes me realize ever more how much I need my LORD and I try to keep my Bible close by and open it any time I can to be encouraged and nourished by HIS Words.
-We got the wighted blanket that we ordered to see if it will help our precious Aiden sleep better at night.  He has hit his head on the floor ever night of his life that I am aware of.  It is part of the sensory processing things that we are becoming more aware of so that we can give him the support that he needs.  I will let you know how it works for him.

Baby Keshawn is crying so I must go...
here are a few things from our are your things going?


  1. Your family is so gorgeous!

    Praying for you all!

  2. ...a few beautiful photos!

    Can't wait to hear how the weighted blanket works. I'm thinking of getting one for Jadon--not so much for sleeping, but just for relaxing during the day. We set up a bump and crash in our yard. I keep trying to post about the conference, but have not had enough time. I am going to the training in Texas in June...very excited about that!

  3. beautiful photos! praying for you family! love you bunches,

  4. I just love the pictures of your precious family! Praying for health and paperwork wrinkles to be ironed out.
    Blessings to you~

  5. WOW ... what beautiful photos of your gorgeous family.
    Lifting you all up in prayer!
    Happy Easter Blessings from Hong Kong,

  6. Beautiful photos! I am so sorry you have been sick all week. :( Hope you are feeling better soon. I will be interested to know how the weighted blanket works.

  7. BEAUTIFUL family pics, my friend. Just stunning. I would love to hear how the weighted blanket works...we're considering one for Hailee.

    Get well SOON.

    Love and hugest hugs.


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