Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Love This Stuff!!

Play Foam, oh  how I love you, you kept them busy all day....
I love you, beautiful Play Foam, on this cold day in May.
You don’t dry out,
you don’t stick to their clothes,
you leave my carpet intact.

Colorful Play Foam, oh I love you, strong still at mid day,
I love you, funny Play Foam, you’re so much better than clay.
You don’t turn ugly,
you sparkle and shine,
you bend into shapes abstract.

Play Foam, my lovely Play Foam, I would be in dismay,
cuz I love you silly little Play Foam, please don’t go away.
(silly little poem by me...LOL)


  1. We have NEVER tried this stuff! We'll have to now!

  2. hahaha, you're very creative!!! :O)

    thanks for stopping by my blog :O)

  3. P.S...sorry, I know it is April still, since my daughter told me...LOL

  4. Gonna definitely get me some of that!

  5. Hmmm....I'm going to have to run out and get some of that stuff!

  6. oooh, we haven't tried it either!! You amazing woman of many secrets. lol keep sharing them.

  7. I gotta get me some play foam! I mean, I've got to get some for the kids. Right. The kids.

  8. I thought is was May too, until I looked at the newspaper.
    You should have bought stock in play foam before you told us all about it=)
    What's the story with the penguin in the bowl?


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