Friday, July 15, 2011

I’ve Never Seen This Before

 Eleven children, and I can say that I have never seen this.
 Keshawn cut his finger today so we put a band aid on it.
 He HATED the band aid and kept crying for it to come off.  
 I didn’t want it off because his finger was still bleeding.
 After taking off 4 band aids I decided it wasn’t worth it anymore. 
Goodness, I hope he never gets a really bad cut!

I am really “mind busy” thinking of next years school year and what it will look like.  Besides Kalyn (high school), Caresse (Jr. High), Kiana (3/4 grade), Landon (3/4 grade), Garett (3rd grade), I need to add Joeliana, Alia, and Corbin (1st grade).  And of course, I have no idea where Asher and Noelani will be in the education process when they get home, but I’m assuming I will be starting over mostly.  NOW, without knowing the LORD’s help is sure, I would be thinking “This is impossible for me to do”.  However, I really do like teaching my children and year after year I have found the LORD faithful in showing me what to do.  We really need to keep cost down this year, so I am also praying through that.  
Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. Oh I have been waiting for your comments to be fixed so I could find this post and comment on it! YES...I have one of these!! We are in the process of adopting our 2 1/2 year old foster son (we've had him for 16 months) and when I recently took him to the pediatrician for his 2 year well check up the nurse pricked his finger for a blood sample and he simply sat and watched her without making the slightest noise. She then stuck a needle in his arm (a vaccine) and again he watched intently but never made a sound or even a whimper. Then, she put a bandaid on the finger that she pricked and he FLIPPED OUT and began screaming! She and I gazed in amazement. She left the room and I fought him for a good 1-2 minutes to try and keep the bandaid on but he was literally flipping out so I finally took it off and he stopped. Immediately. It was unbelievable. What on earth?? I think he has a lot of similarities with this son of yours. Isn't this the child you once wrote about who had (what I have now come to know as) proprioception dysfunction (likes to bang into things a lot)?? I'd love to find that post and read it again. If you know when you wrote about that and can send me the link I'd be super thrilled!
    Kayce Bailey


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