Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Whole Lota Rain And Cuteness

 We had A LOT of rain last night, which was much better than the night before when we were hiding out in the basement during a tornado warning and praying the hail didn’t hurt anything.  It was kind of funny watching this river flow through the back yard.  Thankful though nothing was hurt.
 Which was NOT the case for Connie and her family.  Please keep them in prayer as they assess the damage to their home and crop from a storm that hit them last night.

 I’m not sure what it is, but I never get over the absolute cuteness of a non-reading baby sitting with a book “reading” to themselves.  Is he not a whole lot a cuteness or what?  LOL
It’s good that they are all so cute (I think so anyway), because I was having a “conversation” with myself today that went something like this:
“These two boys (who fight all the time) are going to be the end of me.”
“But the LORD will give me the strength and wisdom to mother them.”
“I could write a story called “Raising Aiden”, you know, like “Raising Cain”, but not, because he’s not Cain, but my goodness, he’s takes a lot of _____ (fill in the blank with “patience, constant patience, ABUNDANT, never ending patience...yea, the last one).
“Lord help me to speak with patient kindness today.  I am sure that I will have MANY opportunities to practice it.”
Well, there’s a look into my mind...scary?  Not as scary as seeing the pee come out of the baby’s all ready saturated diaper as he is standing on the kitchen stool, trying to grab a towel to catch the river before it splatters all over the floor, while at the same time pull the diaper off, and too late, realize there was poop in that thing too which is now gooping down in the pee river.  I know, now I need to ask your forgiveness for that word picture that will stay with you all day.
Remember though, I love ya’ll. 

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