Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here’s My Something

I really wanted to wait to show you this till the comments were fixed because I wanted to hear all your sweet words again...I miss you guys.  Alexis is fixing it (today? I hope).  But I absolutely can’t wait anymore.  Oh, and by the way, I decided that Monday’s Confession will wait till next Monday... don’t miss it!

Look what we got.....

Do you see his little arm around his new sister?  
We received these updated pictures a few days ago.  They are doing great it seems.  They will be receiving a care package from us any day now and will finally find out that they have a family coming for them.  I am praying that our LOA comes soon!!!
If your just dying to tell me how adorable they are email me!!!!!!!


  1. Just in case your comments are working now...she is adorable! :) Blessings, Jennifer

  2. Oh my! So, so very sweet! Praying that soon it will be your arms around the both of them!!!

  3. Oh goodness gracious, they are darling! Come on LOA already! Mama needs to get to her babies!


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