Monday, July 18, 2011

There’s Nothing Like A Good Confession

And this is nothing like a good confession - ha-ha.
Yesterday I was finally shaken from an emotional fog I have been in.  I’ll come back to that in a minute...
I tend to manage my home from a “what needs done right now” position.  I have always been like that and really it has worked pretty wonderful for me.  I have felt like I might not be doing the best I should do as a home maker on several occasions because I wasn’t using some kind of time management schedule like other women.  I tried several wonderful time management systems that have been on the market.  But inevitably I spent more time planning the system than using it.  It just wasn’t quite how I roll.  So I would quite and go back to my way.

As more children came into our home, I had to learn to manage more and better.  Laundry day is Monday and doesn’t stop till it’s done; which could last a day or two.  Meal planning became a huge must.  I needed to plan the children’s chores better.  We have loved My Job Chart for this; well, except for the child who is like me.  I have really had to create and follow our home school schedule to keep that on track.  And things seemed to be rolling along with the normal bumps.  
However, somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that I have been “loosing” it...
I have felt more flustered, frustrated, forgetful, confused, stressed, and scattered.  And, honestly, it HAS been hard with three children who are the same age (Corbin, Alia, Joeliana) and Aiden.  There have been MANY survival days (O.K. - may be months...years?).  And I have learned enough to know that life is like that sometimes.  

I bought the book Large Family Logistics hoping that there might be a few helpful ideas, yet also hoping it wasn’t going to be just another management system that I can’t make work.  I finally decided to give it a go yesterday.  I’m glad that I did because the LORD really began to convict me of some heart issues I have taken on.  
And, I know this is kinds cruel of me, but you will have to wait for my actual heart felt confession till later (LOL)...

And I know that my comments system is still not working.  If you want to email me feel free to until my comments work again

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