Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Know!!!!

I know my excitement is a little off the chart, but I just think these care packages are so stinkin’ cute!
And I can hardly wait till my little ones are holding these love gifts in their little hands.
 And I can hardly wait to receive new pictures of them receiving these love gifts from us. 
 And I can hardly keep myself from checking my inbox every little bit (I’m not going to tell you how often...LOL)...

looking for our Letter of Acceptance.  I know, I know...
I am totally acting like a “pregnant” moma ready for her babies to be here.


  1. AWE those are so cute(:
    The crocs shoes are awesome!

  2. perfect! ohhh their precious faces will just light up!!! Thank you for sharing! Sooooo excited for y'all! Ready to do the happy dance for your LOA!

  3. You are, but what fun being 'pregnant' right!!!! YEAH!!!! Love your packets :)

  4. Adorable! So exciting. I always wonder what goes through their minds when they see their families for the first time. Jake certainly knew who we were the first time we saw him. I know the care packages will help so much and be so exciting for them!

  5. They are awesome packages! Can't wait to see your little ones holding them!

  6. Shonni- who did you use? soon we will get our gifts together and send them, too!! I am so excited too!

    They are going to love their gifts!!

    Oh and YAY! The comments are up and running!!

  7. :-) Love the packages! Your children will be so excited. I think I told you in a private e-mail that we sent our daughter, Aubrey ("Lisa" -- ASIA), a packet at the beginning of July through Red Thread and were very happy with the results. We received four pictures from the little "party" four days after it happened. I don't know if that is typical or not, either the number of photos or how quickly the photos arrived. But we were definitely very happy with Red Thread's service and I'm praying now that somehow we'll be able to afford to send at least one more package, maybe two, between now and when Aubrey comes home in three or four months.


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