Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Have Asked....

who we used for the packages that went to our children in China.  We used Red Thread China to order our packages through.  I have loved working with them.  They were wonderful about getting an update on our children.  Of course, that depends on the orphanage that the children are in.  
So, I just wanted to let ya’ll know, in case anyone else is wondering also.


  1. Thank you!! I was one of the askers!!

    That's who we use, too!! And we were very happy!

    If I could just find a moment- I could get this done!!
    YOU KNOW- how hard it is to just fond a moment!!

    I just love you Shonni!! Thank you!!

  2. Shonni, we have used the Red Thread and love it, too! I tried to e-mail you a week ago about the beautiful new photos of your precious waiting children but for some reason it did not work. Hurry home, Asher and Noelani! Love, Chenning


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