Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One Of Our Favorite Things... to get away together in the mountains.  Steve and I had a wonderful weekend up at Estes Park a few weeks back to celebrate 25 years of marriage.

 Steve proposed to me at the top of a Colorado mountain, and all these years later, it is still our favorite place to be together. 
 We enjoyed a little place by a river that was still partially frozen.  
 We went into the eastern part of Rocky Mountain National Park where we saw lots of elk (see the above...all those brown spots are elk).  
 We also hiked on some awesome trails and ate our picnic in the snow.

 We hiked up to this frozen water fall;

 and enjoyed the amazing winter views.

 We also found this little church "on the rock"... literally built on a rock...
Pretty cool huh?


  1. Beautiful! Congratulations on 25 years together!

  2. Beautiful . . . and Fun!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Laurel :)


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